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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 100: The Assaulters
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Qur'an 100:1[edit]

By the racers panting.

Qur'an 100:1 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 100:2[edit]

Igniting sparks.

Qur'an 100:2 Notes[edit]

Beautiful war

Qur'an 100:3[edit]

Raiding at dawn.

Qur'an 100:3 Notes[edit]

Glorious war

Qur'an 100:4[edit]

Raising clouds of dust.

Qur'an 100:4 Notes[edit]

Dressing up in military looking clothes and joining a gang of sociopathic psychopaths in Syria war!

Qur'an 100:5[edit]

Storming into the midst.

Qur'an 100:5 Notes[edit]

Double war!

Qur'an 100:6[edit]

Indeed, the human being is ungrateful to his Lord.

Qur'an 100:6 Notes[edit]

Humans are puny

Qur'an 100:7[edit]

And he bears witness to that.

Qur'an 100:7 Notes[edit]

And humans should know their puniness.

Qur'an 100:8[edit]

And he is fierce in his love of wealth.

Qur'an 100:8 Notes[edit]

Agreed: money is related to violence. Disagreed: Not all violence comes from money. The holy warriors in the Levant care more about executing sex slaves that don't submit...rather than earning a fortune.

Qur'an 100:9[edit]

Does he not know? When the contents of the graves are scattered around.

Qur'an 100:9 Notes[edit]

I have this image in my mind of a sky-god picking up every grave/casket, turning it upside down and shaking out the contents on a mountainous pile of corpses.

Qur'an 100:10[edit]

And the contents of the hearts are obtained.

Qur'an 100:10 Notes[edit]

The sky-tyrant then opens up his database of every historical human action and thought he spied on and makes it all available to everyone. Think of it like...Allah-leaks.

Qur'an 100:11[edit]

Their Lord, on that Day, is fully informed of them.

Qur'an 100:11 Notes[edit]

And the sky-tyrant will run everything you did through an algorithm to determine if he forces the blue pill or the red pill down your throat. You have no choice. The red one is not a pretty option.