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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 48: The Victory
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Qur'an 48:1[edit]

We have granted you a conspicuous victory.

Qur'an 48:1 Notes[edit]

This must have been one of Muhammad's victories in battle — odd why this mighty sky-God didn't just vapourize his enemies, eh?

Qur'an 48:2[edit]

That God may forgive you your sin, past and to come, and complete His favours upon you, and guide you in a straight path.

Qur'an 48:2 Notes[edit]

God doesn't forgive the millions he will throw into his underground torture chamber.

Qur'an 48:3[edit]

And help you with an unwavering support.

Qur'an 48:3 Notes[edit]

Allah doesn't seem to offer any support to the Muslims who are unfairly persecuted in Xinxiang, Palestine or Rohingya. If Allah existed then he has left these people to fend for themselves. This book cannot be believed because it makes ridiculous claims like this that defy all evidence, .

Qur'an 48:4[edit]

It is He who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers, to add faith to their faith. To God belong the forces of the heavens and the earth. God is Knowing and Wise.

Qur'an 48:4 Notes[edit]

Syria is so tranquil. That's why nobody is fleeing from there.

Qur'an 48:5[edit]

He will admit the believers, male and female, into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, to abide therein forever, and He will remit their sins. That, with God, is a great triumph.

Qur'an 48:5 Notes[edit]

Yes, think of how wise this is. There is absolutely no chance these gardens will subduct due to soil softening, and these Gardens totally exist.

Qur'an 48:6[edit]

And He will punish the hypocrites, male and female, and the idolaters, male and female, those who harbor evil thoughts about God. They are surrounded by evil; and God is angry with them, and has cursed them, and has prepared for them Hell—a miserable destination.

Qur'an 48:6 Notes[edit]

Allah is indeed very merciful...

Qur'an 48:7[edit]

To God belong the troops of the heavens and the earth. God is Mighty and Wise.

Qur'an 48:7 Notes[edit]

So... if Allah owns them all, then is Allah the one setting these troops against each other? hmm...

Qur'an 48:8[edit]

We sent you as a witness, and a bearer of good news, and a warner.

Qur'an 48:8 Notes[edit]

The witness was the disestablishment of religious freedom in Arabia (and killing those who refused - see Banu QurayzaWikipedia), the good news was the destruction of two great empires and their replacement by desert nomads, and the warnings are the endless beheadings across the Islamic world.

Qur'an 48:9[edit]

That you may believe in God and His Messenger, and support Him, and honor Him, and praise Him morning and evening.

Qur'an 48:9 Notes[edit]

Sounds familiar...

Qur'an 48:10[edit]

Those who pledge allegiance to you are pledging allegiance to God. The hand of God is over their hands. Whoever breaks his pledge breaks it to his own loss. And whoever fulfills his covenant with God, He will grant him a great reward.

Qur'an 48:10 Notes[edit]

This is one of the many suras which make some researchers think the Quran was something of an inspiration book for Muhammad's soldiers. Not a bad theory...

Qur'an 48:11[edit]

The Desert-Arabs who remained behind will say to you, “Our belongings and our families have preoccupied us, so ask forgiveness for us.” They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say, “Who can avail you anything against God, if He desires loss for you, or desires gain for you?” In fact, God is Informed of what you do.

Qur'an 48:11 Notes[edit]

So if God controlled them, then God is responsible for their mistakes, and is responsible for the suffering he inflicted on them...

Qur'an 48:12[edit]

But you thought that the Messenger and the believers will never return to their families, and this seemed fine to your hearts; and you harbored evil thoughts, and were uncivilized people.

Qur'an 48:12 Notes[edit]

Mo was very civilized - for instance, towards the Banu QurayzaWikipedia.

Qur'an 48:13[edit]

He who does not believe in God and His Messenger—We have prepared for the disbelievers a Blazing Fire.

Qur'an 48:13 Notes[edit]

Disbelievers will go to HELL!!

Qur'an 48:14[edit]

To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He forgives whomever He wills, and He punishes whomever He wills. God is Forgiving and Merciful.

Qur'an 48:14 Notes[edit]

The guillotine falls on whomsoever the Comité de salut publicWikipedia decides upon at their whim.

Qur'an 48:15[edit]

Those who lagged behind will say when you depart to collect the gains, “Let us follow you.” They want to change the Word of God. Say, “You will not follow us; God has said so before.” Then they will say, “But you are jealous of us.” In fact, they understand only a little.

Qur'an 48:15 Notes[edit]

God will enrich his followers only, though this books clearly states that everyone are robots controlled by him.

Qur'an 48:16[edit]

Say to the Desert-Arabs who lagged behind, “You will be called against a people of great might; you will fight them, unless they submit. If you obey, God will give you a fine reward. But if you turn away, as you turned away before, He will punish you with a painful punishment.”

Qur'an 48:16 Notes[edit]

The Byzantines?

Qur'an 48:17[edit]

There is no blame on the blind, nor any blame on the lame, nor any blame on the sick. Whoever obeys God and His Messenger—He will admit him into gardens beneath which rivers flow; but whoever turns away—He will punish him with a painful punishment.

Qur'an 48:17 Notes[edit]

More about those lovely gardens. Muhammad thought up God wrote all this because Arabs had never seen such things, but sadly some people have common sense refuse to embrace Allah despite such wonderful rewards.

Qur'an 48:18[edit]

God was pleased with the believers, when they pledged allegiance to you under the tree. He knew what was in their hearts, and sent down serenity upon them, and rewarded them with an imminent conquest.

Qur'an 48:18 Notes[edit]

Most people who converted at that time did so under threat of ostracism, economic persecution or even death.

Qur'an 48:19[edit]

And abundant gains for them to capture. God is Mighty and Wise.

Qur'an 48:19 Notes[edit]

This book makes many scientific errors which leads one to question that wisdom.

Qur'an 48:20[edit]

God has promised you abundant gains, which you will capture. He has expedited this for you, and has restrained people’s hands from you; that it may be a sign to the believers, and that He may guide you on a straight path.

Qur'an 48:20 Notes[edit]

In the beginning it is true that Islam spread shockingly fast and seemed near invincible. However over reach, internal squabbling and resistance by people of other religions found that reach came to an end. The last 200 years have seen a serious decline in most countries except those that are resource rich. Where are the gains for the faithful now?

Qur'an 48:21[edit]

And other things, of which you were incapable, but God has encompassed them. God is Capable of everything.

Qur'an 48:21 Notes[edit]

God is incapable of maintaining peace and a reasonable standard of living among most of his faithful.

Qur'an 48:22[edit]

If those who disbelieve had fought you, they would have turned back and fled, then found neither protector nor helper.

Qur'an 48:22 Notes[edit]

Actually those who spread Islam eventually found fierce and successful resistance by Christian, Hindu and Buddhist communities after Islam's initial gains. So no...non-believers didn't turn around and flee, they actually beat Islamic invaders.

Qur'an 48:23[edit]

It is God’s pattern, ongoing since the past. You will never find any change in God’s pattern.

Qur'an 48:23 Notes[edit]

Except that God seemed to have changed his mind many times, this very book shows a drastic change in his attitude towards his believers.

Qur'an 48:24[edit]

It is He who withheld their hands from you, and your hands from them, in the valley of Mecca, after giving you advantage over them. God is Observer of what you do.

Qur'an 48:24 Notes[edit]

Or...maybe it was the actual humans who achieved their victory by smart military strategy and the fact that there were nothing but weak kingdoms around them.

Qur'an 48:25[edit]

It is they who disbelieved, and barred you from the Sacred Mosque, and prevented the offering from reaching its destination. Were it not for faithful men and faithful women, whom you did not know, you were about to hurt them, and became guilty of an unintentional crime. Thus God admits into His mercy whomever He wills. Had they dispersed, We would have punished those who disbelieved among them with a painful penalty.

Qur'an 48:25 Notes[edit]

So what is it? Is God merciful or is he just extremely selectively merciful?

Qur'an 48:26[edit]

Those who disbelieved filled their hearts with rage—the rage of the days of ignorance. But God sent His serenity down upon His Messenger, and upon the believers, and imposed on them the words of righteousness—of which they were most worthy and deserving. God is aware of everything.

Qur'an 48:26 Notes[edit]

A common tactic you will find among conservative pundits in the west. Those who resist bad ideologies call such resisters "full of rage". Sort of like the claim that BLM people are just "angry blacks". It's a very simple way to smear people who have a reasonable claim of injustice or question problems in the status quo.

Qur'an 48:27[edit]

God has fulfilled His Messenger’s vision in truth: “You will enter the Sacred Mosque, God willing, in security, heads shaven, or hair cut short, not fearing. He knew what you did not know, and has granted besides that an imminent victory.”

Qur'an 48:27 Notes[edit]

The great amazing unfathomable being...deeply cares about the length of your hair.

Qur'an 48:28[edit]

It is He who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it prevail over all religions. God suffices as Witness.

Qur'an 48:28 Notes[edit]

This book keeps claiming it is full of truth but it often lacks the ability to justify the claims it makes, offers little evidence, makes clearly false claims and then just calls you stupid if you doubt it. That is truth?

Qur'an 48:29[edit]

Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Those with him are stern against the disbelievers, yet compassionate amongst themselves. You see them kneeling, prostrating, seeking blessings from God and approval. Their marks are on their faces from the effects of prostration. Such is their description in the Torah, and their description in the Gospel: like a plant that sprouts, becomes strong, grows thick, and rests on its stem, impressing the farmers. Through them He enrages the disbelievers. God has promised those among them who believe and do good deeds forgiveness and a great reward.

Qur'an 48:29 Notes[edit]

The amount of internal squabbling and war between fellow believers makes one doubt this claim of "compassion" between one another. The fact that a massive violent struggle happened soon after Mohammed's death shows that this is yet another claim that doesn't stand up to scrutiny.