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Most of the editors (if not all) at this site are from countries whose religious cultural and political struggles are dominated by Christianity. The immediate annoyances, threats and pressing issues of our day to day life are focused against the fundamentalist sects of this religion. As such the preponderance of our analysis and effort has gone into articles dealing with Christianity and its various off shots of influence. While we often debate religion in the general sense of the word our particulars are still very culturally focused on only one religion.

There are many more religions in this world, with just as many crazy doctrines and just as damaging cultural movements. I think next to Christianity the most dominating and most problematic fundamentalist movements stem from Islam. Our articles on Islam leave a lot to be desired. Most of what we have fails to live up to the criticism/analysis portion of what this site is all about it. Information is good, but we are here to criticize and analyze at a level that more informative sites such as wikipedia can not do. This project is an attempt to meet this weakness head on and address it an a coordinated manner.

The goal of this project is to expand our articles dealing more directly with the Islam religion and Muslim culture. There are many aspects that fit directly into what this site is about. Muslim creationist are just as crazy and just as dominating as their Christian counter parts. Harun Yahya is as crazy as Kent Hovind ever was. Sharia is a religiously dominated legal system which brings into fruition the fear we all have of Christian theocracy gaining control of our own governments. There is a track record of human rights abuses, political suppression, rampant sexism and misogyny. Whether its more subtle like the burqa or the extreme ends like honor killing it all is worthy of our site to tackle.

This project page is for anyone at all who is interested in participating in expanding our articles. To join up all you have to do is participate, it might be helpful also to sign up as a volunteer so others know who shares an interest in this and who to contact. Articles here will be listed in various categories the goal being to get them all eventually up to Best of RationalWiki standards. Articles will either be listed as:

  • Needed - if they do not exist but would be good to have.
  • Stub/VSA - articles that are very short and need significant expansion
  • Mission Critical - articles that have a good core of information, but lack the qualities that make a RationalWiki article, and need to be brought into focus of our mission
  • Good – articles that generally meet what we are looking for at the site, but need a little work to be best of.
  • Best of – articles that have managed to make it to the top

Anyone is free to add articles into these sections as they find them or alter them. Please feel free to use the talk page of this article to discuss this project and offer criticism, or suggestions for improvements.


  • Honor killing
  • Female genital mutilation currently exists as sub section of Circumcision (other titles? female genital cutting, female circumcision, perhaps redirects?) (I think the first one is good - human) Kan we haz article? Crosslinked? It's a horror, after all.... ħumanUser talk:Human 03:54, 15 March 2009 (EDT)
  • Islam in Europe
  • Myths of Islam not to be confused with Islamic Mythology (does this mean "myths about Islam"?)
  • Islamic Fundamentalism & Shari'a
  • Women's Issues in Islam
  • Sunni v. Shi'ia
  • Religious leadership/mosque structure/Leadership in Islam/Islamic hierarchy?


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