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The Book of teh Cover Story
The Co-mmence-ment
  1. Once upon a time (6000 years ago[1] as nearly as time can be judged) an serpent disguiséd as an lawyer did say unto an Human man "It might be fitting to expose upon ye Page of Great Frontiness an example of ye truly masterful works which lyeth within ye Wiki of Rationality.
  2. Now the Human man took himself on one side and pondered long and hard in the wilderness of aî'co'hol and it was as if the voice of The Lord spake unto him: "Lo!" sayeth the voice of Wø-Man (for such was it that spake) "With magic arts of mysterious encantations of dpl and templates shall ye proceed."
  3. And so it came to pass that Human man and Wø-Man did labour mightily, many were the templates written and discarded and much dpl was chanted until the great unveiling was deemed appropriate.
  4. During this time they did converse at many places, even at their own pages of talk and upon the very pages of the templates themselves. Much of this dri-vel hath been removed in order that their ingenuousness might be concealéd
  5. All this time much buze and cawfee were consumed, but the two layborors at the keebord had no knowledge one of the other for an mighty water stood between them.
  6. On this day, being late in the first month of the sixty-fourth year of Wø-Man there came into being an example of the page and also by that same great labour an help page to assist the untutored.
  7. These pages were located at :the Human man's personal space and at a helpful location. The template for the notification of nomination or selection was placed at A secret place known only to true Wikians and that on which the invocation of dpl occurred was installèd at yet another secret place where none had need to play upon it.
  8. Be it knowen that neither one nor the other of teh two, Human man and Wø-Man, should be accused of guilt in the matter of this fabrication, for was it not the fault of the crafty lawyer who tempted them with the glory of seeing the fruits of their labours visible to all?
  9. All that was then necessary was for the mob (for so were The Wikians of the Rat known at this time) to yea or nay the insertion onto ye "Main Page".
  10. (As with all true Lawyers, or serpents, once he saw the chaos he had created, the instigator vanished and was never seen again on the face of the Earth)

The Cul-mi-nation
  1. After the passage of muchtime, on the fourth day of the second month of that same year, did the Human man take it upon himself, having perceivéd no views of dis-sent at any place, to insert upon the aforementioned place the full "Tem-plate" which he had privily created.
  2. Great was the rejoicing at this demonstration of mastery of wikitalk and there was considerable aî'co'hol consuméd in celebration.
  3. Thus endeth the Book of the History of the Cover Story.


  • The above is the Word of the Almighty as handed down to his prophet in days before keebords and t'internet were known to Man.
  • Although it might, to the irreverent mind, appear impossible that a thing be written about before its existence, this is the one truth of the one true Dogma of the Wikians of the Rat.
  • As such, any interference with these words may result in instant banhammerment or being sneered at by the cognoscenti. You have been so instructed.

Gerbils and hamsters[edit]

  1. That is "one young earth" as some people reckon "time".