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Cover stories are articles that are randomly included on the main page. They are RW:GOLD articles.

Gold-status and hence use as a cover story can be nominated at RationalWiki:Articles for Demotion.


If and when an article is approved:

  1. Modify the talk page usage of {{rated}} template to include 1=4, to set the gold level. This will automatically add a notice that the article is a cover story.
  2. Create a subpage of Template:Cover abstract, with an 800-1000 character abstract of the article. It's nice to include a suitable picture in the abstract (preferably something from the article, sized to about 160px to make it fit), although it is not a requirement. Make sure the abstract is well written before following the next steps!
  3. Edit {{coverstory}} and follow the directions.
  4. Change the article's "brain" template to {{gold}} to reflect its new status.
  5. Create an "edit notice" on a subpage of Template:Editnotices/page/ using the article's title (this can be done for any article, not just cover stories) by including {{cover editnotice}} on it. This causes a mild warning ("This article is randomly featured on the Main Page. Please keep this in mind and be sure your edits are of the quality level that implies.") to come up when people edit the page. Everyone ignores it.

All approved articles are automagically added to Category:Cover story articles.


Each cover story has an abstract that is saved at Template:Cover abstract/articlename. These are randomly displayed on the front page by Template:Coverstory.

The abstracts can all be seen here:

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