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Information icon.svg Cover Story Nominee
This article has been nominated, among others, for random inclusion on the Main Page.
Please discuss its nomination on this talk page.
If it is accepted, its front-page abstract can be found here and its editnotice here.

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This template is used with no parameters - {{cover}} - to nominate articles for random inclusion on the RationalWiki Main Page. It is to be placed at the top of the talk page. The editor adding it should then start a talk page section called "cover story" or something similar, and put Please do not archive this section and their reasons in it.

If an article is approved, add the parameter "approved" to it - {{cover|approved}} - and it then creates an announcement/warning to try to make good edits, after all the instructions are followed.

Both usages add the article to categories:

{{cover}} adds it to Category:Cover story nominees

{{cover|approved}} adds it to Category:Cover story articles