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Here follow the minutes of the August 14, 2011 meeting of the Board of Trustees. ListenerX, recording secretary.

Meeting was called to order at 17:56 UTC. Present were all remaining trustees, Bob M, Human, ListenerX, Reckless Noise Symphony, and Tmtoulouse.

Bob M introduced a motion that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved. Motion was carried 4 to 0 with one abstention.

Human introduced a motion that this meeting's agenda be approved. Motion was carried unanimously.

Tmtoulouse being given the floor presented two reports, one of the last fundraiser and one of RationalWiki's finances in general. Take-away items were:

  • The fundraiser brought in almost $2,000.
  • Due to skyrocketing traffic levels in recent months, hosting costs have increased by $100 monthly.
  • The Foundation currently has $1,500 in the bank, sufficient to fund operations through February of 2012.

Human introduced a motion that Tmtoulouse be instructed to run a fundraiser beginning on September 1 of this year, continuing for a minimum of two weeks, and ending after four weeks or when $1,500 has been raised, whichever comes first. Motion was carried unanimously.

Human introduced a motion to appoint Nutty Roux to fill the seat on the Board lately vacated by Eira. Motion was carried 3 to 1 with one abstention.

Nutty Roux took office immediately and was admitted to the meeting, at which point he answered several questions from the other trustees. He stated that he is only willing to fill Eira's seat for the remainder of her term and will not be contesting it in the next Board election.

Human introduced a motion to create within the Foundation the office of server administrator. The server administrator would be subordinate to the operations manager and be given server access to perform various duties in accordance with various rules and guidelines. The motion further provided that this office, when created, should be offered to Nx with the understanding that if he accepted, any past misuses of server access on his part would be forgiven and forgotten by the Board. Motion was carried unanimously.

Tmtoulouse undertook the task of writing a document outlining the duties and rules of the new office of server administrator.

Human asked if a listserv could be set up for the Board's future e-mail communications. Nutty Roux undertook to do so.

Tmtoulouse made a statement about the future of RationalWiki, stating that with RationalWiki now settled under the control of the Foundation, the next step in its development would be further integration with the skeptical community.

One suggested method was to create "partnerships," wherein other skeptics' organizations would make donations to the Foundation and in return would be linked to from RationalWiki as a "partner." Other suggestions included a presence at the TAM conference and more aggressive recruiting of members of the RationalWiki Facebook group.

Human introduced a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion was carried unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 19:38 UTC.