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Bi flag.svg
This user is bisexual.
Use: {{User bisexual}}
Pansexuality Pride Flag.svg
This user is pansexual.

Use: {{User pansexual}}
This user is lesbian
Use: {{User Lesbian}}
Intersex pride.png
This user is bigender.
Use: {{User bigender}}
Trans flag.svg
This user is transgender.

Use: {{User transgender}}
Asexual Pride Flag.svg
This user is asexual, and has an infinite supply of cake and garlic bread.

Use: {{User asexual}}
Agender pride flag.svg
This user is agender.
Use: {{User agender}}
Aromantic Pride Flag.svg
This user is aromantic.
Use: {{User aromantic}}
Asexual Pride Flag.svg
This user is asexual.
Use: {{User asexual2}}
Intersex Pride Flag.svg
This user is intersex.
Use: {{User intersex}}
Lesbian pride flag 2018.svg
This user is lesbian.
Use: {{User Lesbian2}}
Gay man flag.png
This user is a gay man.
Use: {{User gay man 2}}
Labrys Lesbian Flag.svg
This user is very lesbian and part of the sisterhood!
Use: {{User labrys}}
Nonbinary flag.svg
This user is non-binary
Use: {{User enby}}
Transgender Pride flag.svg
This user is transgender
Use: {{User transgender2}}
Demisexual Pride Flag.svg
This user is demisexual
Use: {{User demisexual}}
Genderfluidity Pride-Flag.svg
This user is gender fluid.
Use: {{User genderfluid}}
Genderqueer Pride Flag.svg
This user is gender queer
Use: {{User genderqueer}}
This user supports PostgenderismWikipedia.
Use: {{User postgender}}

A rainbow emoji. This user is full of pride.

Use: {{User pride}}
Gay Pride Flag.svg
This user is a proud supporter of the Homosexual Agenda
Use: {{User Homosexual Agenda}}