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April 2010[edit]

9Skeptical Voter interviews Lib Dem MP for North Tyneside: one has to wonder if he's serious, or just taking the piss.
10Try not to vomit in your mouths, here is the party political broadcast for the BNP (here for you bloody foreigners).
6Many latinos play your beloved baseball George, you ever think of that?
8The great minds of the WND forum debate what is causing colony collapse disorder, "it is obviously the NWO".
6"Mariano" has apparently consolidated his blogs into one überBlog
6Crazy racist white guy vs crazy racist black guy on Toby Gerhart.
6Ha ha ha, PMSNBC and Old York Times, ho ho ho! How does Farah come up with laughs like that?
20The rich pay more tax, so they should get more votes. The Founding Fathers naturally would have approved.
5Volcanic ash will make Europe less environmentally conscious and more right wing (I think that is what he is trying to say.)
6Jinx, the hard working blogger. After 3 months of nothing, copies a news article and Wikipedia article, pastes it together and calls it a blog post.
12Kent Hovind is talking to fossils.
14You Fail Astronomy Forever.
10Australopithecus Sediba is not the missing link, because of, um ... ,ah lets see, um,...Piltdown man!
17"God answers Obamacare? Volcano halts air traffic."
16Another Christian music star says "Yep, I'm a gay." In response, the leading anti-gay-Christian website (yes, of course there are websites dedicated to opposing gay Christians) is now upset at the entire Christian pop/rock music scene.
2The BNP are known to be very much against immigration. Except in certain circumstances. Circumstances such as the immigrants being white.
4Apparently Kick-Ass doesn't include enough social comment, character development or clever satire for one reviewer. And following several comments to the tune of "that's hardly the point" and "get over yourself", the Mail is no longer accepting comments.
4Volcano erupts in Iceland - therefore I must find a way to use this to attack Gordon Brown!
11Christians deserve special consideration for their beliefs in front of the law - of course, it should be noted that these statements supposedly made by Lord Carey aren't entirely true, and just currently speculation, but that doesn't stop the Christian Legal Centre from pushing its agenda.
9Hopeless bias + mild Islamophobia + incorrect translation = journalism!
17Conservative writer can't synthesize information, or the irony of using an ad hominem statement as a hook.
18Time for an imbecile proposition.
9When it gives WND a chance to bash Obama, they are suddenly worried about Muslims.
9OMG! Like, Paris Hilton totally wrote Obama's energy policy!
12Australian clergy use Easter services to attack atheism, with such logically superior arguments as "Atheists hate God" and "Pol Pot was an atheist!"