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May 2010[edit]

25Repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" will fill the Army with tv-style cross-dressers and corrupt our brave soldiers' precious bodily fluids.
5 K e n  D o l l  is pipped to the post by Richard Dawkins in his new best friend's reductio ad Hitlerium awards!
20Farah May 5: "I can't believe the media won't read the new book we are selling, they are not open-minded". Farah May 24: "I am not reading Newt Gingrich's new book, I know it all".
8At last, a men's rights blog(Warning: Poe's Law in action!) If you'd like a legitimate men's right blog to compare, Glenn Sacks is still screaming into the void.
8"Repent! Repent like the men of Ninevah!" The crazy is unleashed in full glory and Hannity looks like a gentle, thoughtful soul.
18If the government doesn't stop you from playing make believe court, it is enforceable under the Tenth Amendment.
13Marie Stopes clinics get approval for ads for emergency contraception. The Daily Fail foams at the mouth over ads selling abortion
27Welcome to beautiful Pedophile Island.
-4Is this sexism or science? A German study has found that so-called "cougars" -- older women who mate with much younger men -- are more likely to die sooner, while older men who mate with much younger women are more likely to live longer. No mention is made of the mortality rates of their mates.
0We all know about Fox News and Fox Business Network. But is it possible that Rupert Murdoch also uses Fox Broadcasting Network programs and 20th Century Fox movies as reverse psychology agitprop to whip up the wingnuts? (I.e., show sexually suggestive content like this (NSFW) hoping that it will call censorship advocates to action.) The most recent example: Alex Jones is in a tizzy over the new Robert Rodriguez film Machete (due out in September). He received a bootleg copy of what he has been told is the final shooting script, which he says he received from some "concerned Hispanics" on the set. According to him, the script shows that the film is designed to incite a race war. (Note that Fox News originally reported on the film's controversy, then scrubbed any reference to it from their website. Nice touch, guys!)
7So increasing the police powers of the FDA is somehow a bad thing. Oh right, WND.
10Richard Littlejohn: As I live in Florida and can't really gauge British politics any more, I'll just make another gay joke instead.
44Farah February 22: the tea-party movement needs to take over both political parties. Farah May 11: you can't call the tea-partiers insurgents, they are not trying to take over a political party.
35Put simply: WTF?!?
18The South were just showing their support for The Constitution by seceding from the Union that it created.
6 No Karl it wasn't because of exit polls that you had to steal Florida.
11Quantum mechanics implies that electrons are everywhere, therefore God can also be everywhere so must exist.
21After WND didn't get as many invitations to the prom as it wanted, Farah has decided to take his ball and go home. Update: The history rewrite begins - "WND was the only established news organization to be denied a presence in the dinner Saturday night"