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March 2010[edit]

15So how does WND report a story on a group of far-right Christian zealots that want to over throw the US federal government? Put it about two-thirds the way down the page (high lighted in yellow) and then dig out a four month old story about how the real terrorist are those rag-heads.
9WorldNetDaily has found that one in four Americans are policing themselves against Thoughtcrimes. WND's Freedom Index plummets with too many lulz to be listed.
13Obama's devious plan to steal the next election.
21Yes, because the Government reforming health care is exactly like it shooting and running down protesters.
26Evidence dinosaurs lived with man and went on Noah's Ark during the great flood.
11Brent is pitching tv show scripts again. Don't quit your day job Redbeard.
19Glenn Beck urges Christians to leave churches that preach "social justice," which in his world is (at the same time) "communism" and "Nazism." Certain evangelicals aren't too pleased.
6Hillary Clinton gets a surprise presidential endorsement from Glenn Beck.
7So lets get this straight. Osiris was Cain, Seth was Abel and the Egyptian priest reversed the story to control people. Makes perfect sense. Now can you whole Atlantis and the English are Canaanite thing?
9Creationist Bible FAQ says: Premillennialism is "more widely held than amillennialism." Sure, fellows; sure.
9Brent Bozell, a man who once attacked ABC for firing a man who declared Islam is a terror organization has become a staunch defender of the religion of peace as a means to attack those dirty liberals.
9Orly Taitz to run for public office in California
21Killer Whales don't kill people, not reading the Bible causes Killer Whales to kill people. Update "I didn't mean that we should stone everyone to death, just kill the fucking whale!"
11Obama's Science Czar's shocking communist connections, he was on the board of an international journal 40 years after it was founded by Soviet sympathizers. h/t to WND
20America has been cursed by God for giving money to foreigners. His punishment? Obama's death panels.