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January 2010[edit]

18Criticising religion = atheist hate speech.
25Ah, the self-justifying logical gymnastics of the typical airhead Playboy model devout Christian! When asked if her ten plastic surgeries were a rejection of God's design, professional celebrity Heidi Montag says that God made her imperfect because He intended for her to have plastic surgery.
14Climate "science" is an oxymoron. No, the only moron around here is Gerald Warner, who clearly doesn't understand the first thing about the subject which the Telegraph has decided to allow him to write about.
6In America everybody has free speech, however some people's speech is freer than others, George Will has a problem with that.
18A prominent Youtube creationist admits wrongdoing, that he has broken the law, and asks forgiveness while he gets help for his problems. Again.
19Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt. puts Haiti down to Yahweh killing savages. (NSFW)
13Um, Burt. If 20 million Australians were trying to sneak into the US, that would be known as the whole goddamn country. Oh yeah, if you are black, born in the US, and are in any way unhappy with it, you should go back to Africa. Of course as Farah informs us, the only racists are those Democrats trying to correct past injustices.
11Julie informs us that her neighbor, Pat Robertson, is technically correct. Haitians did in fact bring the recent earthquake on themselves via Voodoo and their 200 year old revolution against slavery. Update: The page has been pulled, but has been reproduced here as was the mirror.
41Pat Robertson blames the Haitian earthquake on a 200+ year old deal with the devil.
14Ol' Chuckie thinks that Obama is going to use Interpol to hide all the evidence of his traitorous concessions to global jihadists.
0Liberal author Susan Estrich shows her true colors on National Security: Go ahead and profile, I don't like being inconvenienced.
18Do you want God to pay more attention to you? Julie says try fasting, where fasting consists of eating cheeseburgers but denying yourself chocolate, Diet Coke and television for three whole days
6A recipe. Cherry-pick concepts out of Buddhism and Hinduism, distort thoroughly, mix together, season liberally with quack psychology, and what do you have? Why, the mindfulness-increasing practice of Laughter Yoga, of course!
15Towards the end of his article Farah gets closer to the truth behind the birther movement: it is an attempt to prevent Obama's re-election. (Also, note Farah's whopper about how natural born citizens have to have citizen parents.)
6Answers in Genesis let themselves be fooled by an obvious parodist named Michael.
17When Glenn Beck thinks you're a conspiracy nut, it is probably time to give the whole thing up.
4WND new "comedy" news show ends with the line "next week we could all be dead", at least we would have evidence of a merciful god.
18Brit Hume: If Tiger Woods was a Christian, he wouldn't commit adultery! Convert Tiger, and be healed! Update: Ann Coulter agrees. Don't be a liberal, Tiger; Christianity is a get-out-of-adultery-free card.
15Burt Prelutsky: There is nothing wrong with me, it is all the liberals doing. Oh, by the way bashing your wife over the head with a chair is an appropriate way of dealing with her excessive spending. Has he been watching too many repeats of The Honeymooners?