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December 2009[edit]

11WorldNetDaily ends the year with a poll that would go straight to Andy Schlafly's heart.
20Crazed birther Orly Taitz suggests that now is the time to take up arms against the "Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper". Update: Firefox marked the page as a malicious attack site, for a period after this post.
14Daily Mail columnist "discovers the plight of the homeless" because she spent too much money, couldn't afford a hotel room and spent about 7 seconds outside before her agent bailed her out.
11WND's Top 10 Stories of 2009 Nobody Else Cared About.
12If you think the 2012 apocalypse predictions are far-fetched, Joseph Farah is predicting that 2010 will be the end of the Democratic Party.
4Some business journalists are promoting the meme that you're a social dinosaur if you still pay by check. But, as the comments point out, try to pay your mortgage, rent, student loans, utilities, etc. with a debit card. Or for that matter, try to get a business to give an electronic refund.
8Climate change is natural; here's 100 reasons why.
6The Obama administration is trying to stop political appointments to the civil service. Therefore, the Obama health care plan is a Big Brother plot to make all Americans into civil servants.
4Larry "Uncle Tom" Elder scores again in a column that seems to be about Tiger Woods but somehow becomes an attack on pro football, Bill Clinton, and a defense of George W. Bush. Bonus points for stating that Clinton was "the only elected president ever to be impeached"
4The distinguished scientist Joseph Farah informs us that Polychlorinated biphenyl is perfectly safe and the science is faulty. Care to drink a glass to prove it?
18Kent Hovind's doctoral dissertation. Read it and weep.
4 Sarah Palin schools us all on this so-called "Global warming". How to speak Alaskan: Willful Ignorance
5 Ironyimg in Michelle Malkin's blog: She wrote a lead article criticizing the EPA and environmental problems while a corporation posts an ad addressing the issues of global warming.
10When you don't have a point of view that can be backed up logically, just spew as many words as you can and hope that people won't notice.
18Oh my God! The UN doesn't believe WorldNetDaily is a legitimate news organisation. THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS HERE PEOPLE!
17Don Feder on Jews: the problem with Jews is they are all liberals, which makes them anti-Semitic, unlike the right-wingers who all love the Jews, but don't worry right-winger they are all going to die out soon. What?
7That war on the war on Xmas (i.e. Focus on the Family) launches a website. (Thanks to Wonkette)