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January 2011[edit]

6Fair & Balanced... and stupid: Fox News cannot find "Egypt" on a map.
14As Egyptians and Tunisians fight against their dictatorial leadership, WND screams "Global Jihad!!" (as a bonus, on 31 Jan 2011, the top 12 WND headlines all include the word "Islam," "Islamist," or "Muslim.")
17WND claims (surprise, surprise) that the Antichrist will be Islamic.
10It's Tortilla Jesus! (and Mum)
15WND reports that good, wholesome Christians might be regularly and unintentionally eating "food sacraficed to idols." Unfortunately, the story is based on a completely made up misguided version of what 'halal' means.
16Heaven has no feminine side. Scriptural evidence that Christianity is inherently sexist or just some pastor being a dick?
37Megyn Kelly claims that no Fox News pundit has ever compared liberals to Nazi Germany.
30Solved! There is no Barack Obama birth certificate, because there's a Barry Soetoro birth certificate.
8Michelle Malkin: it's only just happened; nothing is known (as at 24 Jan 11 16.11 UTC) of the perpetrators; but - of course, it's "Islam".
24Limbaugh: If we take away liberals First and Second Amendment rights it would reduce all the hate.
16Why are pedestrian deaths up? It's Michelle Obama's fault, of course!
28Rush Limbaugh mocks Chinese President Hu Jintao Ching Chong China Man's language.
8Glenn Beck discusses his new book The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life on NBC's Today Show. Or, as some ironic and/or disturbed clever CG operator put it, "Glenn Beck's Guide to Defeat Anger & Find Happiness."
19Astrology isn't horseshit, it's just that this "new" 13th sign thing means they're out of alignment! (with bonus vitriol from woo-merchant Jonathan Cainer at the end of the article!)
14World Net Daily wants you! Er... your money.
15Onoz!!! The Illinois legislature has just passed an enormous income tax hike -- up 66 percent for personal income and 46 percent for corporations!!!!! How will the poor, oppressed people ever survive this monster rate hike (from 3 percent to 5 percent for individuals and from 4.8 percent to 7 percent for corporations)?
11Dear Daily Mail, could you please clarify if you do want or you do not want the H1N1 vaccine?
15 Floods, nothing to do with rain, everything to do with, well, not sure what!
20Jim Rutz, of WorldNutDaily, has authored a six-part slug of paranoia about soybeans. Only the first part has a title, which is: Soy is making kids gay!
24Rush Limbaugh wonders why Obama and the healthcare bill haven't received any blame for the Tuscon murders.
25After a deranged man shoot and kills, amongst other, a judge and a nine year old child, readers at WND conclude we need more guns.
27What's the cause of the mysterious bird deaths? The repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell", of course!
25The Westboro Baptist Church is planning a publicity stunt to honor the memory of the 9-year-old Tucson murder victim Cynthia Green in their own special way. UPDATE: Deleted, now that a new Arizona legislation has banned WBC from protesting the girl's funeral. Praise Jeebus!
21Following the assassination attempt of Gabrielle Giffords, WND choose to link to other news websites rather than write their own articles detailing the events. Instead they write three articles about how the gunman was a leftist, how the media is covering up this obvious fact and that a leftist blogger once used the word dead in relation to Giffords.
64Bill O'Reilly thinks that there is no explanation for tides, and this proves that religion is true. (Apparently nobody told him about the star that causes daytime and the chunk of rock that comes and goes in the sky — could he be an anti-astronomy denialist?)
9Environmentalism is deadly! And the evangelical Cornwall Alliance will tell you why, as long as you buy their DVD.
12Irony - WND howls about somebody being called to task for the "Obama prayer." Psalm 109 is actually about David calling for some of God's smitin' on those who have falsely accused him. Better watch out for lightning, Joseph!
15Rush Limbaugh: "Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are terrorists."
13The Associated Press and MSN/MSNBC have also caught wind of those who believe that the rapture will come on May 21. And thanks to the photo in the story, we now know about this website dedicated to this "prophecy".
21Now the apocalypse is set for May 21, 2011. I'm sure it will be right this time.