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February 2011[edit]

10WND: purveyor of fine right-wing "news" and fish snake oil.
14America should tell Middle Eastern countries God hates revolutions.
7Please let this be an early April Fool's joke. (Just in case -- (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)) The National Geographic Society postulates that a "regional" nuclear war could reverse global warming, but only for a few years.
17It had to happen: So-called "Christians" blame the Christchurch earthquake on gays. Link dead - check back later
16In an interview for a new right wing book titled The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - And Men Can't Say, the thing that spawned Assfly makes the following claim: "If there's one thing feminists love, it's divorce - they consider it liberating." Because every marriage would be perfect if it weren't for feminism.
9Washington Post pundit George F. Will has written this dick-sucking column applauding Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's efforts to rein in bust the state's public employees labor union. Funny how Mr. Will neglected to mention that he is on the board of directors of a Wisconsin-based right-wing foundation/think tank that is working hard to obliterate all labor unions -- especially public employee unions.
9You too can be a WorldNetDaily eligibility activist, for just under a hundred bucks!
11You too can be a Koch toadie! Sign Americans for Prosperity's "Stand with Scott Walker" petition today!
29"And he said unto them, 'I beheled Satan as 'Baraq O Bahmah'".
8Now the Jews control the weather too,
23Psychiatrists Preying On GLP Users! Or not: a UK doctoral student tries to conduct a survey in Godlike Productions (GLP) for his PhD thesis on conspiracy theorists and asks the webmaster for help. The regulars' persecution complex shoots to the sky.
13Dick Morris thinks Obama controls every market in the world.
12 Conservapedia interview on Christwire(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
17Is Andrew Breitbart's Big Government webshite stealing material from  K e n  D o l l ? They're making fat jokes about Michelle Obama.
1Possibly the scariest post you'll ever see on WND.
29The Coultergeist's nose is all bent out of joint, because some journalist never printed an interview she'd given him. In a fit of pique she posts her replies to the questions and now we all know why it wasn't run - it reads like it was written by a 5-year-old.
12Disco 'Tute still trying to use machines to prove intelligent design. This time with a computer. Watch out Darwinist aparatchiks!
7The Health Ranger has a new exclusive interview with Dr. fraud Wakefield!
9Global warming and liberal logic.
24Jim O'Neill, being a little upset, vents his spleen in Canada Free Press: Atheism (being synonymous with both Epicureanism and communism) is a despicable, vile, regressive, debilitating, socially destructive, absurd, puerile, stunted, immature, anti-scientific, anti-logical, anti-rational force, responsible for political corruption, corruption among bankers, "America's moral decay," communist slaughters, the Holocaust, postmodernist bullshitting, the cultural sickness of moral pluralism, and the mass media's biased covering of the Jonestown Massacre, namely, reporting that Christianity had something to do with it. (Oh, and the scientists involved in Intelligent Design have made "admirable advances" recently.)
16A poster at Above Top Secret discovers the public DOE Scientific and Technical Information website and ATSers decide that this is some kind of leak. ("IMPORTANT - Visit this government site and download shocking scientific reports before they disappear") Quote mining and wild misinterpretation ensue. Lone voices of reason meet paranoia.[1] Pass the popcorn!
10Gisele Bundchen describes normal sunscreen as "poison" (reports The Daily mail) and that she doesn't use it. This announcement comes, quite moronically, while she is doing a press confrence launching her own brand of skin care products (it is unknown if her brand has a sunscreen product). She also didn't speak to her past as the spokes model for Nivea Sunscreen.
32Rush Limbaugh, on assaults on American journalists in Egypt: Hooray! Rush Limbaugh, on assaults on American journalists in Egypt, after learning some of them worked for Fox News: Just kidding! This is awful!
10"There will be some crazy stuff that will happen before Jesus returns." Most of it over at Crazy Julie's blog.
15Virginia is ahead of the game when it comes to dumping the mighty $, once the Fed collapses.
10Last month, Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for identifying the HIV and AIDS viruses claimed to have teleported DNA from one test tube to another. Deepak Chopra is all atwitter over this claim. Also, in an interview published in December, Dr. Montagnier gave homeopaths a similar thrill by endorsing homeopathy.