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August 2009[edit]

3 Michelle Bachmann volunteers to slit her own wrists - but don't start cheering yet.
-2Robert Novak goes to join the great debate in the sky.
2 The Republican Death Machine
1 people really need a life.
1 "Mr Zimmerman, I've never heard of you", says cop. Oh well, the times they are a-changin' . But it leaves your reputation blowin' in the wind.
2 Do you know anyone from Sodom? Well tell 'em to be careful in Arizona.
-2Dove World Outreach Center's message of peace
1 - Time to reclaim the toothbrush moustache for international democracy day.
5Good news - you're having a daughter. Bad news - Hubby wants to name her after his favourite porn-game character.
4Reader's Digest misses out chapters 1-10 and files chapter 11
7The scary side of the second amendment.
2It's yoga cranks vs. yoga quacks: anyone who engages in yoga for a commercial purpose is threatening to disrupt the good karma that has attracted millions of acolytes to yoga.
2Big Brother is monitoring your votes.
2Scheduled to be tested on October 31st, NASA assembles it's Ares I-X.
2A majority of American conservatives now support gay servicemen
-3 Don't worry Michael soon most Eagles fans will start booing Donavon McNabb again, but you'll still probably have to deal with PETA.
5Public health care leads to TERRORIST MUSLIM DOCTORS!!!! Oh for fuck's sake fox...
-12Yes, this is gossip about a Z-level celebrity. Still, you have to chuckle at the thought that two years from now the newest Baptist minister will be Reverend Omarosa.
5Okay, so conservatives are being overprotective of Sarah Palin's kids, even when liberals are trying to expose them being exploited. Let's see how conservatives feel about death threats against the Obama kids.
1Arizona man sentenced for leaving water out for illegal immigrants.
2Christian Creationism Exhibit at Tulsa Zoo a Top Priority for Mayoral Candidate.
2Godwin's Law. Health care debate is over.
6Muslim fundamentalists pull gold and silver tooth-fillings from people's mouths, thus getting precious metals to bankroll their war giving people the modest appearance so essential to a good Muslim.
3The government of Norway imposes a gender quota on corporate boards. This of course makes the situation worse for "gender diversity;" women are drawn out of important managerial positions to fill the quotas, and there rises a cadre of deadwood professional quota-fillers dubbed "the Golden Skirts." Awesome quote: ""From the Viking time, the females had to take a lot of responsibility when the Vikings went away. We have a tradition for that..."
-1Is Sarah Palin trying to be Phyllis Schlafly?
10The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is awarding credit if you "provide at least 10 posts defending ID that you’ve made on “hostile” websites". Trolling for credit?
-4US nuns helping people in the community show "liberal drift", according to the Vatican.
4Irony at its finest: Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX), one of 11 Republican co-sponsers of the birther bill in Congress will not release his birth certificate.
-6No miracle on the Hudson: a tour helicopter and a small plane collide in New York City, crashing into the Hudson River.
-1Ben Stein gets Expelled. Sadly, it's over journalistic ethics, not science.
-7Bob Herbert: "Life in the United States is mind-bogglingly violent." The New York Times should pack him off to be a correspondent in Darfur; that'd knock the delusions out of him pretty fast.
-2Hell, no - it wasn't about WMD's - it was Satan! Finally we know why Bush invaded Iraq - "We've got to stop Gog and Magog rising from the Underworld", he told French President Jacques Chirac.
-4On the lighter side: guy blames his cat for downloading kiddy porn
13Glenn Beck loses advertisers after calling Obama a "racist" with a "deep-seated hatred for white people"
0A wise latina gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, and Al Franken announces it.
10APA rejects Gay Therapy
-1Creation/Evolution Journal (up to 1996) goes online
-4Utne Reader: "Creativity it's surprisingly orderly, it can be learned." Scientifically, no less! And to prove it, we note that people were more creative about designing train systems for cities they'd never seen.
-4Which is scarier: A Neo-Nazi who was trying to make a dirty bomb? Or the fact that the corporate media found it utterly unworthy of attention? Or the fact we have laughed at Conservapedia for faulting the media in a similar manner?
-4Blackwater founder Erik Prince is implicated in murder. He "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe...."
6Bill Clinton goes to North Korea to negotiate for the freedom of detained American journalists and succeeds! Although some people believe we've given them a reward by talking to them, and some people think Clinton was on a secret mission to betray America over there.
-3Australia votes to extend guaranteed paid family leave to its residents, starting in 2011. This makes Oz the second-to-last industrialized nation to do so. Guess which industrialized nation is now the last?
-4The New York Times, in a startling turn-around, reports that something good came out of the Iraq War. Unfortunately, this is something that is now under attack from the new government there.
6Oh, noes. The government seizes Kent Hovind's creationist Dinosaur Adventure Land!
-3R.I.P. Corazon Aquino
1Japan switches back to trial by jury for the first time in 66 years
-4More Sea Org workers come forward with tales of abuse.
032 stories; 200 apartments; 1 tenant. The legacy of the foreclosure crisis.
5Prayer, it really works! Yet another innocent is sacrificed to faith.
0Liberal bias my ass