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July 2009[edit]

1A man retires from his job in order to live an ascetic life of austerity and homelessness. When he dies, he leaves $4 million to public radio and to the homeless shelter where he stayed. Who said atheists can't be charitable?
3Birds caught evolving into new species. Now try saying no-one's ever seen a species evolve.
-2Some nice, neutral and balanced reporting from the Daily Mail. Note that they haven't decided whether it cures or causes cancer yet.
-1Organic food really isn't any better for you (though the taste is still not to be missed). Interesting point: The Soil Association calls for "better" research and you know what that means...
9We are told that the Bible provides moral absolutes to live one's life by but atheists lead a life of sin because of their moral relativism; we are further told that one can know a Christian by what he does rather than what he says. So why doesn't the perverse behaviour of prominent evangelists strike us as unusual any more?
-2The dangers of fad diets
-1The shame of the US health insurance industry.
13Spy satellite images of climate change kept secret by the Bush Administration are declassified by the Obama White House
-1Escape from New York!
-1Last World War One veteran dies in the UK 1 week after Henry Allingham also died. "RIP Harry Patch"
1Still wondering why we sent troops into Iraq? Be glad you aren't wondering "Why did we send troops into Buffalo?"
2Insert "largely defensive weapon of gun" reference here
-4The Dow. IT'S OVER 9000!!@ONE!
-4The Chandra X-Ray telescope is celebrating its 10th anniversary in space.
-3Swiss scientists aim to build a synthetic human brain within a decade, cue Terminator references and quoting "The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do." ad nauseum.
-1An Oregon jury finally decides that refusing medical care to sick children is illegal. UPDATE: Actually, killing your daughter is just a misdemeanor.
1"Distrustful of experts, many Quiverfull followers are leaving childbirth to God. The recent death of a newborn, however, exposes a growing rift."
-8The Senate is taking away our guns!
1Medical science, not prayer.
-3One of America's most respected historians is arrested for breaking into his own home Is it because he is black?
-12Big Brother alert: Amazon.com deletes Nineteen-Eighty-Four and Animal Farm from Kindle. Irony meters are now pegged at 110%.
3The border between South Africa and Lesotho is missing, believed... er... stolen.
-2An increase in scientific reasearch, can only be a good thing right? Wrong! Those mad scientists can't be trusted with our sea kittens and furry friends. Not like we can't just round up minorities and political prisoners.
-4Sean Hannity and Faux News go right off the deep-end. Probably time to start adding these to the Clogosphere page.
-1Oh, those whacky fundamentalists (Part II). A Scottish ferry sails on a Sunday.
-1Oldest WW1 veteran dies aged 113
1The moon landing conspiracy dies. Or is this just part of the cover-up?
-1Purity rings enter the 21st century.
-2Oh Dear. Yet another Evangelical minister on trial for having sex with underage girls.
-2CHOMP! Cadaver eating robots might be a part of future battlefields.
-5Should a court really be listening to a defendant claim provocation when he stabs his girlfriend 216 times? Especially when he is this smug.
-3Carlsberg don't do 10% discounts, but if they did, they'd probably be the best 10% discounts in the world.
-1The New York Times takes down the moon conspiracy.
4Science! News: Cats do control humans, study finds. Cat-owners everywhere unsurprised.
3Surprise surprise! Only 6% of American scientists identify themselves as Republican, with only 9% of American scientists considering themselves conservative, according to a survey report by the Pew Research Center. This can only confirm that evilution is a liberal conspiracy aimed at subverting America from the truth.
-2Oh, those whacky fundamentalists - rioting over sacrilegious car parking.
4A man protesting the denial of his liquor license flies an upside down flag to protest. Police, upset that his protest would upset the 4th of July parade, invade his property and steal the flag. No irony there.
-2No escape from hate crime: two neo-Nazis convicted of writing and publishing "illegal essays."
-1Stephen Hawking supports (or, at least, expects) transhumanism. So, not only should humanity colonize other planets, it should be Humanity V 2.0.
-6How Lance Armstrong is just like Sarah Palin. For starters, "they both react to any criticism with extreme defensiveness."
2Andy: Competitive medicine works. Real life: Apparently not.
-2Lost your job? Lucrative witch opportunity awaits!
-2Evolution rocks!
0New Bible discovered (well, "discovered" a long time ago and just being pieced together now) - So it has changed over the years. Downside, Assfly may actually be right about the "Adultress Story"...
-7Another tragic death: Quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death.
2Turkish reality TV show tries to convert atheists to one of four major religions, winner gets trip to Holy Land of chosen faith. Why can't we be the competitors?
16Sarah Palin is resigning. Liberals throughout the USA reconsider their atheism.
-2New dinosaur species found in western Queensland, Australia. Visit the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum to see more.(This is a REAL dinosaur museum!)
1Paleontologists visit the Creation Museum and are unimpressed. One says it should be called the "Confusion Museum" instead. (In other news, the sun rose this morning.)
-1Prominent and influential conservative judge Richard Posner has called for online linking to news stories (even when such links are paraphrased forms of the original story or headline) to be held as a breach of copyright law. Nasty.
3Ever wondered why The 555 thing exists? Yes, really, people can be dumb enough to do this sort of thing.