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Restart is a far-right Iranian dissident movement and terrorist group founded by Mohammad Hosseini. It was inspired by and is connected to QAnon, an American far-right movement and one of the many groups responsible for the January 6th riot.[1]

The group was founded in the United States and operates outside of Iran. Their website spreads conspiracy theories and misinformation on every topic imaginable, being biased in favor of right wing anti-Iranian figures like Donald Trump and various European politicians.[2]

Much like QAnon, the group believes in a grand conspiracy against them and makes frequent calls for violence and vandalism, even against others who disagree with them. The group’s name came from the computer term for restarting a computer (yeah, real original and clever) and is a reference for making their followers “think in new ways” (as a cult does). Their leader and founder, Hosseini, also makes these calls for violence as an extreme measure for his plans to overthrow the the current Iranian regime.[3][4]

General conspiracism[edit]

The group supports Donald Trump and his policies towards Iran as a strong measure against the Islamic regime. One prominent conspiracy theory about the Ayatollah among the group is that the real Ruhollah Kohminei died or went into a coma and the current leader is a body double or a clone (not unlike how many Russian conspiracy theorists believe the same about Vladimir Putin).[5][6]

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