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Alternative medicine
Clinically unproven
EmoTrance manages to illustrate without pretentiousness the quintessence of energy psychology —Haus Casser[1]

EmoTrance is the worst music ever made "the newest energy modality in the world, created by REAL people for REAL people".[2]

When an alternative therapy is introduced in these terms, you pretty much know what to expect, and the EmoTrance website, from which the above quotes are taken, provides few surprises. Like most CAM sites, it is heavily geared towards a target market of uncritical cranks and flakes, and makes free use of jargon like "energy modalities" and "energy body" with no real attempt to ground its assertions in any scientific framework. This is unsurprising since one of the theory's core tenets is the belief that "People make decisions based not on logic, but on emotions".[3]

The theory and technique of EmoTrance were created by "Doctor" Silvia Hartmann, who also works in NLP and EFT. Despite being referred to as Dr. Silvia Hartmann throughout her websites, Hartmann does not appear to hold any genuine academic credentials, aside from the "Doctorate In Energy" she awarded herself at the Universal Life Church.[4]

The Wikipedia page for Silvia Hartmann was deleted first in August 2008 for 'blatant advertising' and then again in June 2013 due to low notability,[5] and problems relating to it being a fringe theory, where reference was also made to EmoTrance as not being technically created by Hartmann as she simply expanded on someone else's work.[6]

An "EmoTrance" project at a Middlesex, UK school was denounced in Times Higher Education by two "senior academics" as "psychobabble" that impairs students' ability to understand science. [7]

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