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Schlafly might refer to:
The Schlafly family tree.

Either you just hit an absurdly unlikely random selection of letters on your keyboard, or you're looking for one of the following members of the Schlafly clan:

  • Phyllis Schlafly — Now-deceased ultra-conservative matriarch, anti-feminist, and founder of the Eagle Forum.
  • Andrew Schlafly — Two-bit lawyer and founder of Conservapedia. (We have two articles about this guy. If you want the highly satirical version, go to Fun: Andrew Schlafly.)
  • Roger Schlafly — Mathematician, blogger and sporadic Conservapedia contributor.
  • John Schlafly — Also a lawyer, and an outed homosexual (and it's okay to be gay!).
  • Thomas Schlafly — Owner of Schlafly Beer, nephew of Phyllis.
  • Some obscure member of the Schlafly family about whom we don't have an article.

You might also have been looking for one of Andrew Schlafly's deceitful debating techniques:

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