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made their red eyes blue[edit]

Garth has blue eyes, Edgar has blue eyes, Johnny has blue eyes, Connie Chiu has blue eyes, and Yellowman seems to have blue eyes: Youtube of Yellowman - Jamaica Nice/Take Me Home Country Roads. Civic Cat    Talk to Civic Cat   21:32, 6 May 2013 (UTC)

the red eye thing does happen but not very common. the red of the retina can show through iris causing red or violet colour. doesn't stop people asking why I haven't got red eyes though. AMassiveGay (talk) 23:11, 6 May 2013 (UTC)

November 2013[edit]

  1. I'm thinking of replacing the Mem Nahadr file as I like the subject to not face opposite the article. I originally had it on the right side of the article and I'd move it again, but such wouldn't look good with the race template (as worthy and well made as it is).
  2. I sort of modified the caption. I don't know about most folks here, but when I think of famous albinos, I think Johnny, Edgar, and Yellowman. As I key in these letters, I hear the first few seconds of Frankenstein (though Free Ride is better). I looked for images of them, but a (quick) check indicated that the good ones were licensed. Hence Men Nahadr's pic and my caption (the original caption, restored, for now). Not to disparage this lady's work, but I know nothing of it. The pic was politically correct insofar that she's a "black" albino female, so I don't want to replace it with a non-prominent albino who's a "white" male—especially since albinism might be 3.5x more likely to occur with blacks than with whites (I have no idea the figure for Orientals—though we have the Kuna. One possibility is Garth Mullins himself. Again, I did a quick check and found no free images, and I don't know if we can claim fair use or sympathetic use. I wonder, because like many RW'ians, Mullins seems to be a snarky leftist—was even in a punk rock band—protester (of other things—I think in the anti-globalism thing)—who is (at least now is) public about—i.e. talking about it—his albinism. Just what is the process for a privacy-luvin'— pseudonymous editor like me to get permission from a holder of licensed material sufficient to have it posted here? Another consideration is contrast. For example, is the Men Nahadr image one of an albino, or a black person with a very bright light shining on her? The image somewhat indicates it, but perhaps not completely. The Honduran one is good for that reason.
  3. What do we call them: "albinos" (albina, albini, maybe? They can call us pigmento, pigmenta, and pigminti, maybe) or "people/person with albinism." The latter sounds (i.e. subjectively sounds, without reference to sources) politically correct, but includes 2 more words = 5 more syllables = 12 more letters. Are nouns-without-adjectives becoming politically incorrect? Afro-American versus black, "member of the LGBTQI2S community" versus gay or lesbian, "member of the Islamic/Jewish/Sikh faith" verses Muslim/Jew/Sikh. (He's a JEW!! A low down JEW!! A low-down, Christ-killing, baby-eating, money-lending JEW!!—as they might say in a semi-well known cauldron of hate (ED).)
  4. I'm not particularly passionate in my defense of the single noun, but I think it'd be helpful if there was a discussion here about it, a---n---d whatever opposition to it—such as it might become—particularly came from albinos/people-with-albinism themselves; and yes, I know, just because a group, particularly an oppressed group, uses a word doesn't (necessarily) mean that others, particularly privilege white male pigmento Christian cisgerdered hets can. Where do we err on: insensitivity/being un-PC or verbosity? (Yeah, I know, this frikin' post of mine is a big firkin' exercise in verbosity.)
  5. David Gerard was partially correct and I see AMassiveGay's point.
  6. Should this article remain in the Category:Articles needing expansion? As I'm still pretty ignorant on how things are done here, I really have no opinion in the matter.
  7. Most animals with albinism tend to have poor rates of survival, due to their weak eyesight and lack of natural camouflage.

    Maybe that should be changed. As I think of it, are white (albino) mice and other rodents blind? Would they be useful in tests necessitating good sight?
  8. My use of the terms "hunt," "hacked," and "mutilate," have been edited out, but they are appropriate. Previous edits suggest that albinos are hunted like animals, killed, and harvested for parts: which is true but incomplete. In the CBC program, Garth Mullins specifically tells about how people walked up to albinos, hacked off a digit, or digits, and/or limb(s), their intention to murder being far from certain—though in the case of that one child (in the program), he bit the assailant in the groin before he could do more mutilation. He lived, but suffered the loss of a few fingers. I suppose things are a bit different here: our police are less apathetic, there are more cameras, the blind/partially blind likely have more artificially enhanced abilities to defend themselves, and such perpetrators would likely be more successfully pursued, and we regard such acts as more abhorrent. This is not an attempt on my part to quantify. While I suppose being mutilated isn't as bad as being murdered, both are bad enough, and I don't think that my included mentions of the former detract (much) from the evil of latter.
    Civic CatTalk to Civic Cat 20:54, 5 November 2013 (UTC)


Why is this page in the "Racialist" category? Did somebody claim that albinos are a race? In my opinion the right category is Medicine. McLaghing (talk) 14:52, 10 January 2018 (UTC)