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Talk:Ben Shapiro

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Political positions[edit]

We need a section on all his political beliefs.— Unsigned, by: FedoraEnthusiast1337 / talk / contribs

“Neoconservative” as a dogwhistle for “Jew”[edit]

In alt-right circles, which are influential throughout the internet, neoconservative is absolutely a dogwhistle for Jew. This video: [1] from libertarian-turned-apologist-for-Holocaust-denial-and-Richard-Spencer-interviewer Dave Smith articulates it perfectly from an alt-right perspective: the alt-right believes “the neo-cons are run by fucking Jews who only care about Israel.” The alt-right Twitter rabbithole, starting at Nick Fuentes and going down from there, leaves absolutely no further question that neo-con is synonymous with “Jew” in their spheres. Ignoring it, or calling it absurd outright as this article does, allows yet another alt-right dogwhistle to go undetected.

Also, sorry about my rusty MediaWiki syntax. Msdalr1 (talk)

Arab leadership on transfer of all Jews (or genocide) and racist hatred incitement by Palestinian mainstream[edit]

Unsubstantiated Defense Allegations[edit]

The references provided don't give any room for the claim that Ben: "defended Brett Kavanaugh against sexual assault allegations". The benard article is broken, and the Twitter video shows Ben actually saying that the guy should lose his seat if the allegations turn out to be true. For that reason, I am removing that section from this page. — Unsigned, by: Fanfreak247 / talk / contribs

Three simple tricks to get ahead in life![edit]

The only thing Ben mentions nearly as often as his wife being a doctor is that you need "three things" to guarantee ending poverty. Get a highschool diploma, a job, and don't get pregnant before marriage. He goes on and on about that. I feel like we should shove that into the article somewhere, but I don't know how.

Also, I go by the theory that Ben is actually a Jewish Mother, and Ben's wife is actually Ben's son, which is why Ben keeps talking about the wife being a doctor. This would make both of them transgender and incestuous to boot. I declare this to be the truth; facts don't care about your feelings, Ben, stop denying it! Corny (brawl) 17:38, 7 June 2021 (UTC)