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The Square Root of Negative One

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Did you know… that genetic relationships between languages are demonstrated via the comparative method?


  • Maybe I am just imaginary... It's all in your head...
  • I like to do less talking, and more work, unlike many other you may know...
  • Don't let the fact that I lie nearly on the centre-left on the political compass and support atheism and progress strongly fool you. I can be quite nationalist and conservative at some times... such as my radical support for Narendra Modi and a strong tolerance for religion.
  • No, this is not my alt account
  • I have some strange obsession with uploading pictures to RW. Here.
  • I am not very into politics, but I am very active in refuting pseudoscience and quackery. Let me know if you need some debunking.
  • Anyone can follow whatever religion or cult they want, under the following conditions:-
    • Admit that their stories are not historically or scientifically accurate and only, well, stories that are created to teach people their morals.
    • It must abide by science, and not spread hate of any certain community.
    • It must not be enforced on anyone.
  • I have more than 1000 edits. More than 700 hundred are actually mainstream.
  • I have support for socialism (in form of a mixed economy) but none for communism or stalinism.
  • I believe in a dystopian world where we would have absolutely fucked up planet earth. Due to cultural and extreme political differences, America is engulfed in an intense cold war and nuclear conflict with it’s own states and neighbors, making the entire American continent a nuclear and barren wasteland, while the 3rd world countries are left to their own devices to try to fix a broken world with average temperatures ranging from 5 to 30 degrees celsius and floods, crime, fires and terrorism being commonplace. The remaining countries unite in one last effort pooling their scientific knowledge and technologies to get out of this world once and for all as the earth crumbles with every footstep. They form one unitary world government, with literally interstellar power and even greater responsibility.
  • No, deep states don’t exist. Government propaganda does not exist. No, dhruv rathee is not an AAP agent. The truth, is disappointing, really. You are not a genius, you are a normal person with no impact who will die one day. The only thing that you can do, is innovate for the betterment of humanity, cooperate, and realise that the only point of all this is that it is just a boring simulation in form of a turing test to help you get out of there.
  • Hello. This is your family speaking. We don't know where you will find this in your dream, but it's the only chance we have got. You have been in a deep sleep for years now. Please stop, it was all a dream. Wake up.

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Disgustingly undiversed selection of comics


I know poised rationality is a fetish among academically/professionally/emotionally/sexually frustrated tweens on the internet suffering from an unfortunate lack of constant praise and reverence
You have your janky platform here riddled with the brainwashed, the immature, and operatives, and just like assholes, bellybuttons, and opinions... I guess you all ought to be proud for making anti-counter-propaganda since you clearly support the Big Brother "official" narrative.
User:JasonCarswell (how informative and knowledgeable, actively refuting and debunking our citations

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Nice vids n stuf

https://youtu.be/_LRf1PalFbA https://youtu.be/k8VAsoVuShM

Debunking Depopulation Theories

In order to completely refute all theories of depopulation, I would like to give you sheep a logic. If a microchip were actually developed, why should it be used in vaccines? Vaccines are not taken by everyone, be it due to distrust of governments or the inaccessibility of vaccines. That is, if it were true, it would not achieve its goal. A better alternative, would be to pouring these chips into drinking water would be a much cheaper alternative than building this Covid-19 mess. Vaccines are not necessary (they are good, but people can go on without them); However, water is necessary for our human body.

You can also say that carvings allow these "chips" to get into our bloodstream. Well, I have something for you. If you knew something about anti-Vaxxer about biology that is probably 0, you would know that our body is made up of about 70% water depending on gender and age. This would allow these "bots" easy access to the internal functions of our body. However, you can say that this part of our body does not have access to our brain, which can be partially correct (although it is wrong because it can reach the brain, which is mainly made up of water, fibers, neurons and tissue). But if these bots were real (which they are not), they would most likely have a navigation system to move around the human body and through our veins.

Another proof is that depopulation of the world is not an economically sound decision due to the size of the project and the human labor lost. What does the rich, rich work of the working class (read Inequality and the 1%, great book on the economic differences between the globalist elite and the working class) do without them would make money that comes from us. Also to say that it's about "worshiping the beast" or whatever religious idiocy I do because of its terrible indoctrination, as in Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormonism, which many would agree with, and the utter insanity that it says, not tolerating everything is done to worship a fictional devil.

Not only that, but you also need to consider the inconsistencies in the history of this depopulation idea which has many variants ranging from ones which seem credible to others which are outlandish. These are:

Coronavirus is a real threat Coronavirus is an American biological weapon Coronavirus is a Chinese chemical weapon Coronavirus is caused by 5G towers Coronavirus is caused by Bill Gates to put a microchip in you Coronavirus is caused by Bill Gates to sell you vaccines Coronavirus isn’t real Coronavirus is just another flu Coronavirus is trying to keep the masses obeying the government Coronavirus is being made to kill off the elderly Coronavirus is made to kill the poor Coronavirus is manufactured to make the rich richer and the poor poorer Doctors have been silenced to show show that Coronavirus is fake Chinese doctors were silenced and killed to stop people finding out about Coronavirus Governments are incompetent There is a new world order It's a plandemic

Here are (hopefully) all those ridiculous theories compiled. Sorry if you lost any brain cells reading it.

I will also provide evidence for several vaccines which have worked in the past I will attempt to clear stuff up. Increasing the usage of vaccines throughout third world contries such as Nigeria and India does not directly cause people to have less children, it is that life expectancy often goes up due to mothers not giving birth to a child who dies in the process of birth, as well as children who live longer to receive knowledge and education; such as what was seen in the late 1910s to late 1930s when smallpox kickstarted the medication industry (most of it is private though which is a large downside and impedes smaller pharmaceutical companies from making progress) and lead to the first complete eradication of a disease being smallpox (some may say it was due to the increase of toilets throughout the world which is not true such as throughout London which was a smallpox epicenter despite it having one of the best sewer systems of the world after Choler was 'cured' by John Snow and who started the development of better sewer systems in London). Children who grow older and relieve education often move to other countries or stay in their own, but often realize that having children is often not economically viable which is why throughout Bangladesh, the average woman used to have nine children and now only have three children due to the economics. This can also be seen in the US where in the 1960s the average women had four children and now have around two children (1.7 actually but I just rounded it up).

Wish to attempt to reason with me? Please cite credible sources.


Really how do you know that he planned this pandemic, seriously ask yourself this question. Lemme answer for you, Bill Gates predicted there would be another pandemic and you assumed that he is behind it? Why would this so called "satanist evil master mind" expose himself along with his EVIL plan to depopulate the Earth. Its not very smart of him if he really had bad intentions is it?

Also ask yourself as to why Bill Gates would want to depopulate the Earth through "injecting toxic vaccines" into every human? Wouldn't that just be a bad business decision, I mean I guess you could say he believes in satan or something but you can't prove that.

Ok, how about inserting micro chips into vaccines to inject into the skin to TRACK us ALL. Even though this idea doesn't work since the smallest micro chip can't even fit into a vaccine and even if it would it wouldn't have any actual function like tracking or mind control whatever.

Stop getting your information from Facebook and other social media apps. Seriously you're just digging up your own grave into woo and pseudoscience. Question your position before pushing your pointless beliefs on others.

Man made Coronavirus

Man made Coronavirus.








In short -- and factually -- what Gates is suggesting is a way of identifying quickly who has and who hasn't had a given vaccination. What happens (or would happen, anyway) is that a given vaccine would be delivered by a small patch, rather than by a needle. Along with the vaccine, there would be a small amount of dye delivered. This dye, otherwise invisible, would be readable by a specially adapted smartphone camera. It's a way of quickly and easily telling who has and hasn't had a vaccine. It contains no other information. You can think of it like a hand-stamp to get back into a nightclub.


What it isn't is any kind of implantable microchip or capsule. That hasn't stopped the internet from extrapolating wildly into various sci-fi future scenarios. Certain groups especially -- the ardently religious, who see this as (and I wish I were kidding here) a sign of the End Times, and people who believe that the government is involved in some sort of Deep State plan to microchip its citizens for the ultimate surveillanc state -- have been very vocal in their opposition and concern. Again, and I really can't stress this enough: this isn't what's happening here. So where did this all even come from? Depending on how generous you're feeling, this is either a misinterpretation or a complete misrepresentation of what Gates said in a recent AMA over on the /r/Coronavirus subreddit (emphasis mine): What changes are we going to have to make to how businesses operate to maintain our economy while providing social distancing? The question of which businesses should keep going is tricky. Certainly food supply and the health system. We still need water, electricity and the internet. Supply chains for critical things need to be maintained. Countries are still figuring out what to keep running. _Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it._ (In case you're wondering why the guy from Microsoft is chiming in about viruses, he founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has been pretty influential in eradicating diseases worldwide. Public health is one of the many, many pies in which he has his hopefully-gloved fingers right now.)

There's no mention of government databases.

_When asked about the claim, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told Reuters, “The reference to ‘digital certificates’ relates to efforts to create an open source digital platform with the goal of expanding access to safe, home-based testing.”_

Again, that's a long fuckin' way from implanting microchips into people. There's some additional confusion, however, because Bill Gates has suggested implanting microchips into people for medical reasons before: specifically, this https://nationalpost.com/news/bill-gates-funds-birth-control-microchip-that-lasts-16-years-inside-the-body-and-can-be-turned-on-or-off-with-remote-control There's no question of databases or identification with that; it really is just a drug delivery system to minimise unnecessary procedures in places like sub-Saharan Africa, where access to effective birth control is very useful in improving the quality of life. So why do this in the first place? Well, consider it from the issue of eradicating diseases like smallpox -- diseases that existed largely in places like African and rural Asia, where access to up-to-date medical records is often somewhat lacking. Having a way of saying that an individual has already been given the vaccine -- and when -- would be extremely useful.

A number of anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists have jumped onto this as 'proof' that Big Pharma is out to get us all and has been all along, but it really is a story that's been spun out of almost nothing.

Bill Gates IS vaccinated




A more easier, more intuitive way of proving they are vaccinated is as follows: Bill Gates’ family has traveled all over the world, or at least overseas, because, um, that’s what rich people do, I guess. In order to travel overseas, you need vaccination papers. In order to get vaccination papers, you need to be vaccinated with the same vaccines everyone else gets. Hence proved.


Like most conspiracy theories, it starts with simple facts and spins them out of control. Forbes interviewed Gates back in 2011 https://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewherper/2011/11/02/the-second-coming-of-bill-gates/#14632c3013fd These are the quotes that get strung together and the conspiracy theorists going: _Bill Gates’ plan to eradicate disease stems from a bold concept: The demographic theories of Thomas Malthus, generally accepted for the past two centuries, are wrong. Specifically, that subsistence eventually translates into population growth, and population growth eventually translates into misery._ + _So in 1997, when he and Melinda first ventured into public health—their eponymous foundation would come into being in two years—they focused on birth control, funding a Johns Hopkins effort to use computers to help women in the developing world learn about contraception. The logic was crisp and Bill Gates-friendly. Health = resources ÷ people. And since resources, as Gates noted, are relatively fixed, the answer lay in population control._

They leave out the very next sentence in the interview from the second quote: _Thus, vaccines made no sense to him: Why save kids only to consign them to life in overcrowded countries where they risked starving to death or being killed in civil war?_

And this, which is a few paragraphs later:

_Gates began consuming data that startled him. In society after society, he saw, when the mortality rate falls—specifically, below 10 deaths per 1,000 people—the birth rate follows, and population growth stabilizes. “It goes against common sense,” Gates says. Most parents don’t choose to have eight children because they want to have big families, it turns out, but because they know many of their children will die. “If a mother and father know their child is going to live to adulthood, they start to naturally reduce their population size,” says Melinda. In terms of giving, Gates did a 180-degree turn. Rather than prevent births, he would aim his billions at saving the kids already born. “We moved pretty heavily into vaccines once we understood that,” says Gates._

Add in digital health certificates that Bill has talked about in other circles and you have the birth of a conspiracy.

But it gets better. When you are talking statistical Sociology, the word fertility has a different meaning. It refers to the number of children an average woman would have during their lifetime in a given population. It does not mean the ability of an individual woman to get pregnant/carry to term like it does in regular conversation. As you said, women in poor populations with high infant/childhood mortality have high rates of birth to counteract that death rate. So it's accurate to say "Vaccines lower fertility in the world's poorest populations" without being Satan. There is a clip somewhere of Gates saying something like that. People have taken it to mean that he uses his vaccine program to make women infertile on the individual level. He is talking about statistical fertility across a population. IMO lowering the rate of infant deaths is a good thing. This conspiracy theory has been out there a loooong time.

Bill Gates has no medical degree...

True, Bill Gates has no medical degree, having dropped out of university before graduating to start Microsoft.

However, he does not claim to be a medical expert. He is, however, clever, well read, and used to directing large groups of people. It is the latter skill that is important for his healthcare work. He makes no claims to treat single patients. He can, however, arrange the delivery of medicines (recommended by doctors) to literally millions of people.

He reads and listens to medical experts, and public health is a particularly big interest of his on account of the Gates Foundation’s work. Plus he's a good communicator. So e.g. when you watch his 2015 TED talk about pandemic preparedness, you can expect it to be pretty well-informed. If you have doubts about anything in it, you can of course double-check it in the primary scientific and medical literature, or from other respected communicators who do have epidemiology or medical degrees.

So e.g. don't just believe vaccines are useful because one billionaire says they are. Believe they're useful because the scientific and medical community has shown them to be useful (not least by using them to eradicate smallpox). It just so happens that billionaires who aren't idiots (and especially ones who work with experts in the area) will also recognize them to be useful, just as billionaires who aren't idiots recognize the sky to be blue.

Also, he usually talks about middle school science, is anything wrong with that?

Jump on social media, you will see celebrities telling you how to wash hands. Pretty sure that is taught us in 3rd grade. Jump on Bill Gates channel, you will see him addressing the problems of the world, and in the context of this debate, talking about immunity and vaccines, which is taught in middle school, and Coronaviruses are taught in high school. I don’t see you crying about celebrities posting videos on Instagram.

Elon Musk is not a physicist, nor does he have any credentials in any aspect of science, yet he is the head of the astrophysics department in SpaceX.

Flat Earth

There 13 countries with space agencies. All of them, and any smart person working any data would have to be in on it. Every person who receives data from space, who monitors vehicle telemetry, who monitors signal strength and direction, who builds rocket engines, who tracks flights, etc. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

533 people reached Earth orbit, 24 traveled beyond low Earth orbit and 12 walked on the Moon. Space travelers have spent over 29,000 person-days (or a cumulative total of over 77 years) in space including over 100 person-days of spacewalks. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

There are over 20 | over ACTIVE space probes RIGHT NOW. Two space stations (although the Chinese stations is a bit small so far) Again every engineer, every person who collects and analyzes data, every person who monitors fuel, does communications, works on navigation, etc. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

There are over 80 private companies with satellites in space. Think of all the technicians, engineers who built, and monitor those devices - every single guy who mounts and calibrates them, not to mention all the work to make sure the data is sent from earth, and comes back down - tens of thousands of engineers . ail the EVERY SINGLE ONE.

There are over 130,000 certified commercial airline pilots. Not even talking about the millions more of private pilots. They would all have to be trained in two sets of maps - the real ones (following the globe) that everyone has access to - then there would need to be a complete duplicate set of fake maps for the fake flat earth. Not only would all of the pilots have to be in on it, but all of the map makers, software updaters, people who approve two versions of the app -0 one on the public app store, and of course, apple runs a flat earth app store as well, where they "real" flat earth Tof e runs as are maps are kept for all 130,000 pilots. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Every single international ship captain - who has to sail around the world - not to count their navigators, and anyone who knows how to use and anve o use any of their communication or navigation systems. There are over 52,000 ships in the worlds merchant fleet. Each ship has a captain and a at least one navigator, not to mention the support people back at home. Every a man many in real they would e in EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Every single meteorologists in the world. Yes, they would have to know how to read a map, and understand satellite images - many in real time. they would ALL have to be on it. Every city with a weather station, every town, county, news network, local affiliate, etc. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Every single radar operator who has to be certified to operate radar for use in shipping nick un ate thet or navigation - most have to re-certify regularly and part of and they must understand the curvature of the Earth, as radar systems can't pick up objects that are completely over the horizon and hidden over the borizon because bounce the siar From because there's nothing to bounce the signal back from to relay the information. This is very important to navigating safely. They would ALL have to be in on it. Every one. From a simple small airport, to heet red a tow boat radar guy. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Seismologists - they study the interior of the earth and earth quakes - and understand it is a globe. There are thousands of stations in the GSN (global seismographic network), and tens of thousands of scientists, researchers and college students working on monitoring, analysis data processing and research. They all understand how different seismic waves (p waves and s waves) travel through different materials in the earth, and how it proves the earth is round. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers - who don't have to rely on "evil nasa" or anyone else for data. They can use the heliocentric model to make PREDICTIONS of where things in orbit are going to be - from the sun, to the moon etc. and ALL OF THEM require the globe model to work. And all of them can do it. Even with a cheap telescope and understanding how the equatorial mount works disproves flat earth. There are millions of these sold. EVERY SINGLE ONE.


To all you sheeps who think birds are real...

B - Basic I - Information R - Recording D - Drone

😱 OMG, the ONLY WAY to protect your privacy is to WEAR a MASK so that you don’t get tracked! So wear a mask when you go outside!

There are too many coincidences for it to be a conspiracy theory...

Absorbtion vs Ingestion of Al in Vaccines

This is one of the arguments that has a bit more logic to it... I thank you for doing your own research, and I would like you to see some of my own..

You are sort of right... eat 9 bananas and you would mildly uncomfortable. Inject the amount of potassium contained within 9 bananas into someone and you've given someone the exact formula for a lethal injection.

This is true, but of course the element also matters. Potassium is a highly soluble electrolyte, normally your kidneys will take care of whatever you ingest orally but if you just inject it all into the bloodstream you'll stop your heart.

The aluminium compounds in vaccines are quite insoluble, they'll be absorbed very slowly, and even then they don't really have any alarming chemical means of doing damage, it's kind of a heavy metal so you'd be worried about it accumulating in significant amounts in the bones, brain and glands but the dose is too small to do any harm so it's no concern.

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0399077X18308448 _Most of the aluminum contained in the body (95%) has food for origin._

https://media.chop.edu/data/files/pdfs/vaccine-education-center-aluminum.pdf _During the first 6 months of life, infants could receive about 4 milligrams of aluminum from vaccines. That’s not very much: a milligram is one-thousandth of a gram and a gram is the weight of one-fifth of a teaspoon of water. During the same period, babies will also receive about 10 milligrams of aluminum in breast milk, about 40 milligrams in infant formula, or about 120 milligrams in soy- based formula._

https://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/vaccine-ingredients _Aluminium is not used by the body. Any aluminium absorbed from food or other sources is gradually eliminated through the kidneys. Babies are born with aluminium already present in their bodies, probably from the mother’s blood. Over time, small amounts of the aluminium from food, drink and other sources do accumulate in the body, but this is not believed to pose a significant risk to health (see for example this UK research from 2004 )._

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X18311654 _No data show an association between the Al in vaccines and neurotoxicity._

https://www.chop.edu/centers-programs/vaccine-education-center/video/there-difference-between-aluminum-injected-vs-ingested _But people could reasonably ask, “Isn’t there a difference then between when you inject somebody with aluminum versus when you ingest aluminum, or eat it?” And the answer is yes. It’s actually, you’re much more likely to have aluminum in your circulation if you inject it than if you ingest it. But the point is that there’s so much more aluminum in the environment, either in the food you eat or the water you drink, than you would ever get as a shot in vaccines. That even though there is that difference between injection and ingestion, there’s logarithmically so much more aluminum that you ingest that you actually have far more aluminum in your circulation because of what you eat and drink than you would ever get from vaccines._

https://blog.waikato.ac.nz/bioblog/2017/11/another-antivax-myth-ingestion-vs-injection/ Nicely puts it...

The sources for all these claims are given in the links. All of them are from reputable peer reviewed journals.

Confused about microchips conspiracy theories?

Let me help you, these guys believe that Bill Gates is going to add Mission Impossible tech in your blood that coverts people to zombie dogs which he somehow tracks with injectable nano chips smaller than a needle which emits signals strong enough to pass through the intense pressure of blood without a battery, 24/7 and fully accurate. Then Bill Gates will become Thanos and unleash his army of zombie dogs on the world, and these guys who believe this will boss fight Bill Gates’ mech armour and his 5G towers (which convert to siren heads) which has plasma vaccine blasters, and then be hailed as heroes.

Hope this clarifies everything ☺️


It's funny how you eat toxic chemicals everyday. Sodium is unstable and explodes in water. Chlorine is a toxic gas that was used in WW1. Both make table salt. Furthermore, a fish has more mercury than vaccines have.

But obviously you have done your research, the millions of scientists around the world not just in America that have studied them for their entire lives are simply idiots except you.

Even if Bill Gates and the CDC is evil, why do scientists and doctors all around the world recommend them even when they have no ties with US politics. So either countries that are literally at war with each other are being controlled by a reptilian illuminati, or you are simply wrong.

Did you know that Bill Gates' biggest investment is not education, not vaccines, not seeds, but toilets? I bet you didn't. Because it is not much exiting and dangerous as the conspiracy priests would like it to be.

Do you know how stupid you sound using that 'news' site? Medium is literally a blog site on which anyone can say the shit they want. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/international-business-times/ https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/medium/

Here are some fact checks from organisations NOT sponsered by Bill Gates...

https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Anti-vaccination_movement https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/James_Corbett https://fullfact.org/online/gates-polio-vaccine/ https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/James_Corbett#cite_note-14 https://thelogicalindian.com/fact-check/bill-gates-polio-vaccine-covid-19-gates-foundation-21270

Unfortunately, you had already made up your mind that you are better than all of the world's doctors when you saw a stupid facebook post.




You pretend to be so stupid, but you arent, right? First, I'm not Exurbla fan & i dont give a f *** about his channel/projects. Second, Pie, why are you still trying to defocus and distract the audience? ANSWER the question: where are the proofs for violence, sexual harassment, blackmailing, pregnancy, hospital, and treatment? Real proofs, evicence which in court will be considered as credible. Not your bulshitting and repeating of your nonsense on Twitter and citing social media posts you say are from him. I attack you only based on one thing: accusations w/o any proofs. You try to ruin him, but you dont know how to proceed cause you dont have anything. Nobody is taking you seriously anymore because it is obvious you dont have nothing. You pretend to be violated almost 3 months ago. Give proofs, girl, go ahead. Medical proofs. Medical note for the lost baby due to harassment or violation. Medical declaration, psichiatrist's diagnosis and conclusion? You decided to speak out, right? Then give us the whole truth. He mentioned you in his book PRIOR you knew each other personally, right? I'm not bulshiiting you, I ask you straight: give us proofs or you will be considered as the liar, th manipulator, the bullshitter. Stop pretending that you dont understand. Is is so hard to find the proofs? And, meanwhile, why the f *** is so hard to go to the Embassy in Bulgaria to SPEAK OUT, Ple? last, but not least: Have you ever looked after your kid under drugs? Can you take care of you/your kid? I really want to have the entire picture of what human you are, Pie, and then I will decide whether you are a good one. I don’t need Exurb1a lame constatation whether someone is good or not. Are you good, really? I'm not dragging your kind into THIS. I ask you, not your kid. If I ask the kiddo, then I would drag him into the topic. Come on, you are not a liar, right? Do you take drugs when you are with your kid? A simple question.


 +----------------+        +----------------+
 |                |        |   Great, it's  |
 |  Did you take  |  yes   |   yours. Do    |
 |  the picture?  +-------->   whatever.    |
 |                |        |                |
 +-------+--------+        +----------------+
         | no
+--------+---------+        +------------------+
|   Was it posted  |  yes   | It's not yours,  |
|   somewhere with +--------+ but you can share|
|   a free license?|        | it here          |
|                  |        |                  |
+-------+----------+        +------------------+
        | No
+-------v----------+ Yes   +-------------------+
| Are you making   +-------+ Do not use the    |
| money off it?    |       | image             |
+------------------+       |                   |
         |no               +-------------------+
+--------v---------+       +-----------------------+
|Is the usage      |  no   |There are other legal  |
|entirely          +-------+reasons to use it,     |
|educational?      |       |but probably don't     |
|                  |       |use it                 |
+------------------+       |                       |
          |yes             +-----------------------+
|Is the version     |  no +------------------------+
|you're using       +-----+Could infringe          |
|lower quality      |     |                        |
|than the original? |     |                        |
+-------------------+     +------------------------+
|Likely to be fair use, but respect the author      |
|if they ask you to take it down                    |

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