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Welcome, BoN!

Random technical wiki fact #2

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WARNING: This page is very messy!


If life gives you lemons, make orange juice, and confuse the hell out of others
  • Maybe I am just imaginary... It's all in your head...
  • I like to do less talking, and more work, unlike many other you may know...
  • No, this is not my alt account
  • If my writing is incoherent, overly formal or contains unfunny/unoriginal commentary that distracts from missionality; english was never my first language, and I am doing my best to become familiar with it. I think I am doing a good job...?
  • I have some strange obsession with uploading pictures to RW. Here.
  • I am not very into politics, but I am very active in refuting pseudoscience and quackery. Let me know if you need some debunking.
  • Anyone can follow whatever religion or cult they want, under the following conditions:-
    • Admit that their stories are not historically or scientifically accurate and only, well, stories that are created to teach people their morals.
    • It must abide by science, and not spread hate of any certain community.
    • It must not be enforced on anyone.
  • I have more than 1000 edits. More than 700 hundred are actually mainstream.
  • I have support for socialism (in form of a mixed economy) but none for communism or stalinism.
  • Hello. This is your family speaking. We don't know where you will find this in your dream, but it's the only chance we have got. You have been in a deep sleep for years now. Please stop, it was all a dream. Wake up.

Article list

These are my significant contributions, my to do list, and also my frequently visited article list! I know, this page is a goddamned mess I will never clean up.


...I was told that this drama was “no where near the Israel-Palestine,” about which I knew nothing about. I thought this should probably be the peak level of headless chicken mode I will experience at my stay at RW. I thought that, because I was soon to realise I was pretty darn wrong...


I know poised rationality is a fetish among academically/professionally/emotionally/sexually frustrated tweens on the internet suffering from an unfortunate lack of constant praise and reverence
User:Lambchowder (talk to this guy!)
You have your janky platform here riddled with the brainwashed, the immature, and operatives, and just like assholes, bellybuttons, and opinions... I guess you all ought to be proud for making anti-counter-propaganda since you clearly support the Big Brother "official" narrative.
User:JasonCarswell (refutation extraordinaire, and totally not pissed off)

>Non-believers, including freethinkers, rationalists and Buddhists, are not to be entertained respectfully as guests; though, mercifully, they may be given food. (Manusmriti, MS IV: 30)

>The families of non-believers are destroyed sooner than later. (Manusmriti, MS III: 65)

>If a woman should not grant her man his desire, he should bribe her. If she still does not grant him his desire, he should hit her with a stick or with his hand, and overcome her, saying: 'With power, with glory I take away your glory!' Thus she becomes inglorious. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6.4.7)

>Women should never be allowed by their guardians to act independently. (Manusmriti, IX: 2)

Üserboxen für üßerkewl

BrainMop.png As a confirmed mustard jar for taking on this job as a Sysop on RationalWiki: I, Sqrt-1, pledge to only block users if they ask for it, or insert unfunny vandalism.
I furthermore pledge that if I indulge in secret private conversations about you, we will make a formal report to the mob. Is that all?
If you impugn my motives without warrant, or challenge my "AUTHORITY", er, there is nothing I can or will do.

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Goodbye Raven:
Rest in the Peace of SocDemWiki
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Je suis Duce:
My ban hammer
Me being brainwashed


A close up of an awesome, amazing goat's face.

Awesome Award

for Sqrt-1

Reason: being awesome

hE’S cOmMiNg FoR uUuUU!!!!!!1111
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and so are you.
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(yes, you read that right)
Open book 01.png "I never said that."

- Anonymous user

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This user is strictly opposed to libertarianism
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  — 4.5 billion years young.

This user believes that "Magic man done it" isn't science.

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Schematicky atom.png This user loves science!

Rainbow Pi.jpg This user likes to memorize digits of π.

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ain't got
no GOD

This user does not worship.

Christopher Hitchens crop 2.jpg
"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
Bibleopened.jpeg This user believes the Bible is just another book
This user is interested in Germany.

This user believes
in universal healthcare
Atheismsymbol endorsed by AAI.svg This user supports state atheism, but would allow believers to practice their religion, build places of worship, etc.
"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."
This user believes that Alan Turing died for our sins.
Warning This user does not care about your religious beliefs, so long as they are not forced on the rest of us.
Tesla in action.jpg
H2g2.jpg The meaning of life has nothing to do with god or fate or any of that bullshit. It's 42.
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This user smashes Nazis and their defenders into small pieces with extreme prejudice.
Equals-sign-blue.gif This user believes that everyone is equal, regardless of race, religion or gender.

... This user already has too many userboxes, but added another one anyway.
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This user can
seeeeeee yooooouuuu!
This user thinks 5ive is an odd number
H2g2.jpg The meaning of life has nothing to do with god or fate or any of that bullshit. It's 42.
This user knows the Romans invented Disco

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My 1.16 run was just rejected after research due to it being "too unlikely to verify". A video was made by a head mod and Youtuber Geosquare, using my name and clickbaiting "Cheating Speedrunning" in order to get easy views. Definitely a response soon. Total BS!

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12:38 AM - 20 Jun 2021

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Nice vids n stuf


 +----------------+        +----------------+
 |                |        |   Great, it's  |
 |  Did you take  |  yes   |   yours. Do    |
 |  the picture?  +-------->   whatever.    |
 |                |        |                |
 +-------+--------+        +----------------+
         | no
+--------+---------+        +------------------+
|   Was it posted  |  yes   | It's not yours,  |
|   somewhere with +--------+ but you can share|
|   a free license?|        | it here          |
|                  |        |                  |
+-------+----------+        +------------------+
        | No
+-------v----------+ Yes   +-------------------+
| Are you making   +-------+ Do not use the    |
| money off it?    |       | image             |
+------------------+       |                   |
         |no               +-------------------+
+--------v---------+       +-----------------------+
|Is the usage      |  no   |There are other legal  |
|entirely          +-------+reasons to use it,     |
|educational?      |       |but probably don't     |
|                  |       |use it                 |
+------------------+       |                       |
          |yes             +-----------------------+
|Is the version     |  no +------------------------+
|you're using       +-----+Could infringe          |
|lower quality      |     |                        |
|than the original? |     |                        |
+-------------------+     +------------------------+
|Likely to be fair use, but respect the author      |
|if they ask you to take it down                    |