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I found the next articles to annotate[edit]

I learned absolutely nothing useful in college and what I did learn was downright detrimental and that is because nothing is actually taught in college. You don’t go there to learn, you go there to further your indoctrination and emasculate you even more.

I don’t like the word passion, that’s a word for women’s romance novels, the correct word is obsession. You have to live like an obsessed freak.

Sex is the driving force that makes a man do anything. It’s always for sex. It is our biology, our DNA. There is nothing wrong with that.

Being highly sexed (i.e. having sexual energy) but not giving in to any and all desires is the key to success.

All great men of genius and power used their sex drive as fuel.

FuzzyCatPotato!™ (talk/stalk) 17:31, 30 November 2016 (UTC)

LMFAO—Hamburguesa con queso con un cara Spinning-Burger.gif (talkstalk) 17:38, 30 November 2016 (UTC)
And here I was thinking that active sexual repression led to disaster? Guess I was wrong and Victor Pride has NAILED THE TRUTH once more with a FLAMING FUCKING SPARTAN JAVELIN! Reverend Black Percy (talk) 19:04, 30 November 2016 (UTC)

Best quotes from "How to Pick the Right Wife"[edit]

Getting married is a business decision. Marriage is a contract between two entities. You’ve got to enter into it with the ruthless mind of a determined businessman for it to work.

You’ve got to pick the right wife like a businessman picks a company to invest in. It shouldn’t be left to chance (“love”) – you’ve got to be pro-active, know what you want and then go after it.

There are only two reasons a man should ever get married:

1) He wants to start a family.

2) His career or political ambitions demand he has a wife (he is interested in going into politics). We will not talk about this except to say that a political wife is for show and show only. For this article we will assume the reader falls into the first category.

There is absolutely no other reason to ever get married. Love is not a reason to get married. When you get married you sign all your power over to your wife – it must be of some benefit for you to do so. That benefit is to grow old with your family.

Most men don’t want an “independent, empowered” woman. That’s code for bitchy slut with a chip on her shoulder.

She has to come from an intact family with original mother and father. No step-mommies and step-daddies. Children from single mommy homes cannot be healthy. A mother simply cannot raise healthy children alone or with step-daddies. You want an emotionally healthy wife. Women who grew up with divorce have too much baggage, use sluttery as a way to get attention from daddy, and will not know how to act in a proper family setting.

No woman wants to work but it takes some of them a long time to figure that out.

A big, bright shining smile from a pretty girl is worth more than any university degree she has, worth more than any job she has, worth more than any other baloney modern women wrongly believe makes them attractive to men.

men age gracefully, like a fine wine, and women age like milk.

Herr FuzzyKatzenPotato (talk/stalk) 19:33, 30 November 2016 (UTC)

Censoring, again[edit]

I don't think it works. It's not used elsewhere on RW (so readers might not get the joke); it's hard to do on mobile; and it's equivalent to the strikethrough 'jokes'. Oppose 'n' shit.The FCP Foundation (talk/stalk) 08:22, 12 December 2016 (UTC)

Apparently this really bothers both me and you.[1][2]Hamburguesa con queso con un cara Spinning-Burger.gif (talkstalk) 00:58, 26 March 2017 (UTC)

Here at Bold and Determined we buy recreational drugs legally[edit]

Seems Victor Pride is such a fan of abusing drugs that he's promoting a supplement to get high on, legally. It contains the following:

They're mood enhancing drugs. They're legal though some are legal due to the lack of research.—Hamburguesa con queso con un cara Spinning-Burger.gif (talkstalk) 05:02, 3 March 2017 (UTC)


I think one of the most amazing pages, seeing as it is a Fun page that got bronze status. The Rational Gamer, WonderKirby577Let's chat!box 23:01, 24 October 2017 (UTC)

"Science = The Lazy Man’s Search For Truth"[edit]

Checkout out Victor's article titled "Science = The Lazy Man’s Search For Truth"—Hamburguesa con queso con un cara Spinning-Burger.gif (talkstalk) 04:57, 13 November 2017 (UTC)

He went Christian, by the way, and deleted his blog posts[edit]

Article needs updating. Also, if there's anything you want to save, now's the time to grab the google cache.

Before, RationalWiki combated religious conservatives; then it covered secular conservatives like Roosh; and now those have turned Christian so the site has gone full circle. The white wolf (talk) 05:06, 8 March 2020 (UTC)

Surprise level: 0%. All that delicious authoritarian patriarchal structure is hard to resist as long as you can stomach or ignore the supernatural bullshit. -- (talk) 08:59, 8 March 2020 (UTC)

all the links are dead.[edit]

I don't know what exactly happened but he is gone, so completely gone, his website, his blog, and his youtube channel are all gone. — Unsigned, by: 2601:281:D57E:BC40:441D:7E7C:E659:5EBB / talk / contribs