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Vague comments and possibly a threat[edit]

So, basically, this article only exists because you're all seeing this man's work through an American perspective, and yeah, that's actually a very American thing to do; simplifying everything to its most basic core in order to be adjusted for your limited black and white worldview.

The fool does not know that Truth is in the Self, but is obsessed with scriptures. A purely verbal knowledge does not dissipate the anguish of becoming. Darkness is not pierced by merely saying: "Lightning."

And yeah, putting him along the alt-right and harry potter, that's very dumb. Actualrational (talk) 11:55, 27 August 2018 (UTC)

@Actualrational Is that it? Or do you have actual criticisms beyond "Americans are dumb and follow a black and white worldview", adding a quote which supports a black and white worldview, and then making vague comments which could be construed as threats to other users of this site? ☭Comrade GC☭Ministry of Praise 13:20, 27 August 2018 (UTC)
P.S.: Sin a is vague and nebulous concept which basically boils down to "I don't like what you're doing therefore it is evil, and therefore so are you." ☭Comrade GC☭Ministry of Praise 13:20, 27 August 2018 (UTC)
I mean, being a famous political philosopher is gonna get you on here, it's not like we skip Hobbes or Rousseau or Locke. Being one who's hyper-authoritarian makes you even more missional. ikanreed 🐐Bleat at me 14:46, 29 August 2018 (UTC)

NoFap is a Taoist practice[edit]

The NoFap practice was invented by the Taoists and both Alt-Right and Tantrics learned from them. — Unsigned, by: Barbarian / talk / contribs