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A tad vitriolic, nicht wahr? Susanpurrrrr ... 04:51, 16 December 2007 (EST)

Well, make any changes you feel appropriate, but I think the vitriol is well-deserved for almost any fraudulent preacher. Some of them eventually come around -- Tammy Faye for example -- but most of them are thoroughly detestable human beings. EVDebs 13:34, 16 December 2007 (EST)
Twas admiration, not condemnation! Susanpurrrrr ... 13:44, 16 December 2007 (EST)

Cut from article[edit]

The writer of this article (above) comes on too heavy, with clearly opinionated judgments against 4 individuals (not Warnke only). The writer also appears to have some anti-Christian venom behind his writing of this article (apparent in some comments & statements above). For a more BALANCED treatment of this topic, see also:

There is possibly some "good news" about Mike's repentance & restoration process, note the document here:

You can also see: in your web browser.


Here are my personal comments & remembrances about this topic: I remember this man's testimony way back years ago, "the satan seller." About his conversion to Christianity (out of a background of satanism & the occult).

I had felt troubled the last ten+ years, though, whenever I would occasionally remember the man's name, because I had only heard (more than 10 years ago) about supposed allegations discrediting the man & his ministry (my source was a Christian publication or two where I read the story). But following, I never heard anything more since. The charges were about (too much) money (getting "rich" off of the ministry), failed marriages (multiple divorces & remarriages), about alleged exaggerations or fabrication of personal stories or testimonies, etc.

I have always felt troubled by these KINDS of things whenever you hear such has occurred(?). And you "never know" whether the charges are true anyway? I feel seriously bothered in such times, to hear the troubling news of public accusations against ministers. And all the resulting embarassment to the Body of Christ & the shame brought to the name of Jesus.

Today, I found evidence though of a possibly true & sincere "bittersweet" resolve (a "happy ending"). It's "not pretty" but there seems like a victory of humility, repentance & grace which slowly triumphed in such a situation. Today I read the documented disclosure available on the "restoration process" on the Warnke's website, which details the pathway of accountability to elders & the process of repentance they followed. There is kind of a "marvel of grace" in being brave enough to attempt healing & restoration as everyone worked & prayed together to move toward this with the brother.

The report & testimony kind of showed me that "FAILURE does NOT have to be FINAL." It encouraged me to see how humility & honesty about problems CAN lead to sinners restored. There is HOPE for ANYBODY. You see concern, help & accountability in the story as older brothers give generous amounts of time to surround a failing one with counsel & prayer.

For some reason, I felt I was to recommend this document to you.

See .pdf file: Warnke_Mike_repentance_restoration. Download here:

If you look at what was done in response to these charges, it would significantly shift the allegations against the man into a whole different light.

- brother Jeff

P.S. Warnke's website can be viewed at:

P.P.S. My personal Christian ministry website is:

— Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

I don't think the article is excessively harsh (at least not by this website's standards.) Warnke is a liar, and when confronted with his lies he merely admitted to "exaggerating" aspects of his story rather than acknowledging the story itself is a fabrication. He still sells material on his website in which he poses a former Satanic high priest. Not to mention that he selected members of the "tribunal" in question. --Ismailov (talk) 01:49, 2 June 2019 (UTC)

Raising his scaly head once more[edit] - I have asked the friend who found it to come by and add stuff (recruit! recruit!) - David Gerard (talk) 08:22, 12 May 2014 (UTC)