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How come there are still monkeys?
The classic "descent of man" image is misleading, as it suggests a linear and progressive evolution from monkey-like creatures or human-like creatures. This leads to the "how come there are still monkeys?" question.

"If humans descended from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys?" is one of the most frequently asked questions about evolution. It can be phrased in different ways, regarding smaller mammals, fish or basically any animal alive today that resembles any evolutionary ancestor, although the monkey example is most prominent, as primates are the closest relatives of Homo sapiens and humans are primates themselves.

Some creationists ask questions like this thinking they've made a real zinger you can't possibly answer, and all of evolution thus falls apart. These have little interest in your answer, let alone in serious discussion of the issue. Other creationists, such as Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International, advocate that creationists should not use this question, and explain it's based on a misunderstanding of evolution. However, the question can also be asked innocently by those misinformed on the subject, as there are a lot of misconceptions about evolution. Some of these are caused by the subject being taught badly, and others are spread by creationists themselves, Harun Yahya being one of the worst offenders. So there's no loss in assuming good faith and examining why there are still monkeys, even though "humans evolved from monkeys".