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Inserts a cute, little 40px LGBTQIA pride flag. Defaults the Six-color pride flag if no code is added to modify it.


{{lgbtflag|[flag code]}}

Code must be lowercase (i.e. "prog", not "Prog").

List of codes

Code Name Flag
default Pride flag Gay Pride Flag.svg
prog Progressive Pride Flag LGBTQ+ rainbow flag Quasar "Progress" variant.svg
t Transgender Flag Trans flag.svg
l Lesbian Flag ("Sunset Lesbian Flag") Lesbian Pride Flag 2019.svg
b Bisexual Flag Bisexual Pride Flag.png
nb Non-binary Flag Non-binary Pride Flag.png
i Intersex Flag Intersex Pride Flag.svg
ace Asexual Flag Asexual Pride Flag.svg
aro Aromantic Flag Aromantic Pride Flag.svg

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