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The Daily Mash is a satirical "news" website founded in 2007 by journalists Paul Stokes and Neil Rafferty.[1] Basically, it is to the UK what The Onion is to the US, or at least that is what its creators hoped for, although editor Tim Telling also cited foul-mouthed adult comic Viz as an inspiration.[2]

Typical headlines for stories storeys posted on the site:

It has also published various books collecting Daily Mash articles in an easy-to-throw-away format, starting with Halfwit Nation: Frontline Reporting from the War on Stupid.

In 2019, its parent company Mashed Productions was sold to web publisher DigitalBox, which also owns student publishers The Tab.[6][7]

The Mash Report[edit]

A TV version, The Mash Report aired on BBC2 from 2017 to 2020, featuring Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris, Andrew Hunter Murray, Ellie Taylor, Steve N Allen, and others.[8] It was cancelled in 2021, amid some controversy, with claims it was being taken off air due to left-wing bias, although the BBC claimed they wanted to clear space for new comedy.[9] Ratings for the show had not been huge, described as "sluggish" by Chortle, although there was favourable critical reaction and some attempt at generating online meme-based content for shares.[10][11]

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