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Articles like Большинство мутаций вредны

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I would think that having some of the important articles in foreign languages would do more to further RW's mission than 90% of the stuff that's in mainspace now does -- seems like a good idea to me.

Benod (talk)18:35, 19 January 2011

If we're going to have articles in foreign languages it seems to make sense to do it the Wikipedia way and have separate projects for them. Otherwise RW is going to turn into a chaotic tower of Babel.

DickTurpis (talk)18:48, 19 January 2011

This is planned in the future. On other hand, it's inappropriate to make separate domains for only 5-10 articles, isn't it?

Bertran (talk)18:53, 19 January 2011

I like the idea of separate projects. Let the users of ru.rationalwiki establish their own articles, materials, guidelines, and policies. If the RationalWiki Foundation feel they have strived too far from the mission they can have their name and domain revoked.

- π12:18, 20 January 2011

I like this idea.

Bertran (talk)13:58, 20 January 2011

You say "users" as if there were more than one.

DickTurpis (talk)15:25, 20 January 2011

See Category:Русскоязычные_участники. All of them have Russian as native language.

Bertran (talk)15:29, 20 January 2011

I'm not sure we can really count a guy who made 5 edits, all to his user and talk pages. The dozen edits of the other guy don't really make a strong case either. I think ADK is right and it is a bit of a chicken/egg situation. If the drive is there maybe we should start a namespace? Not sure how that's done, to be honest.

DickTurpis (talk)18:43, 20 January 2011

Yes. If it is in fact due to the many difficulties (especially far from the objectives of the project), I can just stop my own activity. Honestly, my first idea (before my registration on RW) was to create separate project with similar mission on free wiki-like website. But after this I decided to join RW, because in separate project I had to do much work (of organizational, etc. character), that was not directly related to the observation and analysis evolution-creation controversy and other pseudoscientific movement.

But if are there some problems with new domain, I can return to my own project. If you think, that it would be better to remain RW being in only English, I'll understand it, and I'll finish my activity. Unfortunately, I don't know English sufficiently well to make contribution onto English articles.

Bertran (talk)19:17, 20 January 2011

Continue with your work. If there is enough material, the separate domains are worth it.

There are other ways around it if the other domains are too much. Namespaces, essayspace, etc.

Scarlet A.pngsshole20:15, 20 January 2011

Yes, please feel free to continue your work - and to link to it on outside sites. This way, you can attract other Russian-speaking contributors and reach the critical mass of users necessary for a separate domain.

ZooGuard (talk)20:20, 20 January 2011

2 ADK, ZooGuard

Ok. So I'll continue. Thank you for supporting. And, by the way, there are some people, who, as they said, are ready to join project in the near future. E.g., user:Vitus is one of them. Furthermore, I think, in the future ru-project can attract much more attention because of the large creationist expansion of the Russian-language Internet.

Bertran (talk)21:41, 20 January 2011

Nx and I have discussed this on another page. Essentially it's described as a chicken and egg situation. We can't justify the effort of specific language sites without users but we can't attract the users without specific language sites.

The demand and drive from a small group is there, however.

Scarlet A.pngsshole16:38, 20 January 2011