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Articles like Большинство мутаций вредны3121:43, 20 January 2011

Articles like Большинство мутаций вредны

Because of articles like this one could other language editions be set up and this transwikied there?

Myrtonos@13:09, 18 January 2011

This (and some others) article has English versions only on EvoWiki. That why, as it seems, transwikies are imposible.

Bertran (talk)13:24, 18 January 2011
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Last edit: 13:46, 19 January 2011

Действительно эта wiki имеет статьи как на английском, так и на русском языках, но английские версии русскоязычных статей существуют только на ЭвоВики.russian spelling (edited by Bertran)
Indeed this wiki has articles in both English and Russian but English versions of the Russian articles only exist on EvoWiki.

Myrtonos@13:19, 19 January 2011

I hope that in the future full-fledged language sections will be implemented. In this case it would be appropriate to consider this issue again.

Bertran (talk)13:42, 19 January 2011
Bertran (talk)13:47, 19 January 2011

As far as foreign-language articles on RationalWiki go, it might be a good idea not to permit articles in a certain language unless we have at least one bureaucrat who is fluent in that language.

Mjollnir.svgListenerXTalkerX17:17, 19 January 2011

Is this groundhog day, or was this discussed before? Just wondering.

Idiot numbre 188 (talk)17:23, 19 January 2011

So, do you think, that I must to stop writing? Or what you are talking about?

Bertran (talk)18:13, 19 January 2011

As you could see by, for example, automatic translators, almost all my work is translation of already existing English article. And, also, anyone can verify the content of Russian articles by using automatic translators. So, I think, that there is no problem in writing of Russian articles.

Bertran (talk)18:15, 19 January 2011