Do you really have a sockpuppet named PakWalker?

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I just blocked it. But is that really you. It says it says it's an "announced" sockpuppet of yours.

-Mona- (talk)04:35, 24 November 2015

Yes it is.

WalkerWalkerWalker04:37, 24 November 2015

Dude, that's super confusing for software idjits like me! I don't know what you're doing with the Aneris/SJW AfD. Do you think that should stand?

-Mona- (talk)04:43, 24 November 2015

I was redoing the archiving. The preferred method is as follows:

  1. Leave RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/User:Aneris/SJWMedia alone, except to indicate a result in the heading.
  2. Remove the line {{RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/User:Aneris/SJWMedia}} from RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/Log. This line is what transcludes the deletion discussion for User:Aneris/SJWMedia onto RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/Log and ultimately RationalWiki:Articles for deletion.
  3. Add the line {{RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/User:Aneris/SJWMedia}} to RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/Archive 2015. This will cause the deletion discussion for User:Aneris/SJWMedia to be transcluded onto the archive page. Think of like using a template.
WalkerWalkerWalker04:48, 24 November 2015

I take no opinion on the deletion proposal itself, mostly because there's no point to deleting his whatever and no point to keeping it.

WalkerWalkerWalker04:52, 24 November 2015

And MediaWiki is objectively horrible as a markup/software/whatever language.

WalkerWalkerWalker04:54, 24 November 2015

Ok. It looks like you're archiving it with the correct formatting. I got totally wigged out thinking you were some impersonating freak! Jeebus. I'm going back to Netflix.

-Mona- (talk)04:45, 24 November 2015

Nonono, I'm far too mean to be Mikemikev.

WalkerWalkerWalker04:49, 24 November 2015