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Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe is an Australian self-proclaimed YouTube health guru best know for her 30 Banana a Day diet and eBook "Go FRUIT Yourself!".


Banana Girl's primary achievement is peddling a strange brand of raw foodism and fruitarianism she calls the 30 Banana a Day diet. Her nutritional advice encourages increasing caloric intake to loose weight primarily through the consumption of bananas. She claims to have advanced certification in nutrition, but recommends eating an abundance of one food with a high glycemic index.

the 30bad forum seems to cross a lot of thresholds including the aforementioned animal rights one, she also seems to be willfully ignorant of evolution. do we make her webshite and bad science its own subsection? suggestions for organizing what is quickly turning into a larger article than I initially thought. I didn't realize her BS was so... prolific.

concentration *brainbreak*

watching her videos for background is going to suuuuck!

Go FRUIT Yourself![edit]

Blah Blah Blah eBook $24.95 ripoff. Consists of a month of her blog posts from 2006 (yup money for decade old blogs posts... seems legit) and some extra BS. more research needed for this section. Delete any unneeded sections.

Do we want to discuss her PIC or does he get his own article? I am sure his eBook "Carb the Fuck UP" is equally ridiculous.


Discuss her purported qualifications. Also look into the accrediting body for her "nutrionist" title (conjecture at this point is it is one that will certify dead pets).

Discuss her reliance on anecdotal evidence (she seems to think that eating is the same thing as research) link in from logic portal all the various logical fallacies she employs

Other crap[edit]

Discuss her wonky comments about evolution, animal rights, any thing not directly related to her brand of diet woo.


explore the dangers of following her diet. this will be a reference heavy section as googlefu reveals there is an abundance of material to use to refute her claims. Holy painted toilet bowls batman! 51 Bananas? should the health risks be its own subsection?

discuss dangers of that much sugar... not diabetic yet? we have the diet for you! 367g+ of sugar a day!

Economic burden? Fresh fruit (in the discussed quantities) could get expensive... lets insert, maths!... if it was a valid criticism for gluten free, it should work here too. 183g average unpeeled banana = 0.4034lbs ~$0.89lb 30 bananas 12.102lbs $10.8 per day

30days ~$328.43 in just bananas a month. 30.41 (average month x $10.8 per day) per PERSON! that is roughly equivalent to the monthly grocery bill of a family of two in just bananas for one person.

WTF over? That is a boat load of calories! since people are not hummingbirds... we need to research into how in the holy hell people are supposed to lose weight by overeating... this some sort of rabbit starvation? Maths!

Peeled banana average 116grams. 89 kcal per 100g. 116x30= 3480g 34.8 servings x 89kcal 3097 kcal not counting anything else

she eats 51 bananas in one of her videos that is a whopping ~5265 calories of just banana in one day.

discuss her deceptive marketing (e.g. photoshopping herself to look larger than she really was to make her "before & after" pictures more dramatic)

seems to me to be another classic case of "people will buy anything" she probably quit her day job when she realized selling BS is way more profitable.

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