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Shawn Baker
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Anecdotal evidence is still evidence and it is a hell of a lot more relevant to an individual than an epidemiological study.
—Shawn Baker[1]

Shawn Baker is an American bodybuilder, carnivore diet advocate, cholesterol denialist, pseudoscience promoter and internet troll.

Baker follows a dangerous all-meat diet[2], is nicknamed the "Carnivore King" and has a cult following on social media platforms.[3] An online interview featured Baker eating sixteen fast-food burger patties, he described this as a "normal meal" that he eats.[4]

The New Mexico Medical Board ordered the "voluntary and permanent surrender" of Baker's medical license in 2017. "This action was based on failure to report adverse action taken by a healthcare entity and incompetence to practice as a licensee."[5][6] Baker's license was reinstated in 2019.[7][8]

Baker believes that anecdotal evidence is more important than scientific research. He makes stupid anti-scientific YouTube videos claiming that vegetables are bad for health and that there is bias to believe they are beneficial.[9]

Baker spends much of his time trolling vegans on Instagram and Twitter for a reaction.[citation NOT needed]

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