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Welcome, Anonymous User to my sandbox!

Here you will find a bunch of link spam. I hope that you may find these useful.


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How to skeptic[edit]

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Help: Dealing with Conspiracy Theorists[edit]

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Believing that homeopathy works is not a conspiracy theory but believing that Big Pharma is purposely suppressing homeopathy for profits is a conspiracy theory.

It may be helpful to ban talking about conspiracy theories in question if it's really damaging your relationship with your loved one.

The cause of belief in conspiracy theories can depend on what the conspiracy is. The primary reasons for AIDS denialism is a refusal to face the struggles of living with AIDs and the lack of doctors answering questions concerning AIDs and HIV. In this case, fact checks do not seem to work and the cause of action would be preventing AIDS denialism in the first place by doctors treating people with HIV better.[1]


  1. stay calm under pressure
  2. respect concerns and fears
  3. take them seriously
  4. gain trust
  5. stay cool under them panicking
  6. recommend helpful actions they can take
  7. persuasion takes a long time

Rationalwiki has detailed debunkings of many conspiracy theories. Point out contradictions. Engage in a conservation. Remember that smart people can fall for conspiracy theories.

Severity: The extent of conspiratorial thinking varies. There are hard core anti vaxxers and parents who delay their children vaccines. Both are wrong and pose a danger to Herd immunity but they sincerely believe that their fears are real.

Inoculation: exposure to a weaker form of denial can increase resistance to science denial. Explain the logical fallacies and the failure of the weak science denial.

Psychotic break[edit]

Do you suspect someone have having psychosis or paranoia? Psychotic breaks are different from conspiracy theorists.

People with psychosis are not more likely to be violent. In fact they are more likely to be victims of violence.

Do not attack the suspected person in question. No insulting them. No yelling to go get therapy. It is a serious condition that deserves care. Be kind. Reality checks and fact checks rarely work. Damage minimization is key. Do not attempt to reason them out of their delusions, that does not work. Playing along with their delusions is not healthy. Validate their feelings. Listen non-judgmentally. Wording like "I understand that you feel (insert whatever emotion here)" is good. Attempt redirecting their delusions to something more helpful.

It is highly recommended to attend a Mental Health First Aid Course to learn how to properly help someone with psychosis.

External links[edit]

Anti Vaccine[edit]



Writing for the web



Open Trials "aims to locate, match, and share all publicly accessible data and documents, on all trials conducted, on all medicines and other treatments, globally."

Raw data[edit]

I don't know how to use these. Become a data scientist to find out! Here's some online data courses to get you started. Inspiration for pretty and informative data charts here. "The home of the U.S. Government’s open data" "We encourage you to use government data to analyse, mashup and develop tools and applications to benefit all Australians."

Open Government "Government of Canada [...] open data, open information, and open dialogue."

European Union Open Data Portal "[...] is the single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union (EU)"

Dataset overview Global Open Data Index Tracks governments who participate in the Open Data program.

Explorable explanations[edit]

Introduction to Explorable Explanations <- read this first. All the information on explorable explanations is based on this website. You will be missing out on information if you continue without reading this.

Loopy An easy tool for making your own explorable explanation.


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Not done and will not be done. Pseudoscientists don't seem to know how to cite scientific studies that back up their statements properly. Perhaps the reason why they can't cite well is because they are scraping for bits of evidence that actually support their side. Or they are just in denial. Or they consider science itself to be highly flawed and use other 'better' ways of collecting evidence.

Pseudosciting will include:

  • small/ preliminary studies
  • non-controlled, no placebo, non-blinded studies
  • misrepresenting studies
  • citing anecdotes
  • ignoring good evidence
  • only reading the abstract
  • bad statistics citing

Real life examples[edit]

Every study that links autism to vaccines[edit]

We even have a whole article dispelling the so-called link.

Fluoride isn't poison[edit]

An article from Mercola, a prominent supporter of the fluoride conspiracy theory, says that fluoride doesn't prevent cavities.

Quote My Response
While they couldn’t prove that water fluoridation is beneficial, they did find that it causes harm. About 12 percent of those living in fluoridated areas had dental fluorosis that was an “aesthetic concern. [...] Eventually, it can result in badly damaged teeth and, worse, it can also be an indication the rest of your body, such as your bones and internal organs, including your brain, have been overexposed to fluoride as well. It is not only an aesthetic concern. I have mild dental fluorosis. Aesthetics isn't actual harm. Acne on my face isn't harm. The bags under my eyes isn't harm. You know what real harm is to me? Actual goddamn neurological brain disorder that shocker isn't bloody caused by fluoride. We been through this. A small amount of fluoride doesn't cause brain damage. It's a myth.

Here are their references:

  • Personal Liberty September 7, 2016 cites the same review as the article and other debunked studies about the dangers of fluoride.
  • Natural Health 365 September 4, 2016 states that fluoride is dangerous. False. The Australian Goverment reviewed the safety of fluoride two times in 2007 and 2016. It was concluded that adding fluoride to their water supply was perfectly safe.[3]
  • PR Newswire August 30, 2016 is a real doozy. This requires their own section.
  • Fluoride Action Network, FAQs The quoted text was "Fluoridating water supplies can thus fairly be described as a form of mass medication, which is why most European countries have rejected the practice." Those European countries use alternative methods such as adding fluoride to their salt.
  • U.S. CDC, ADA, Water Fluoridation is only cited for to be attacked.
  • The Cochrane Library June 18, 2015 Correct. Fluoride is not 100% proven to reduce the rate of cavities.
  • Newsweek June 29, 2015 is an accurate article but is only cited to spread fear with a quote mine.
  • PR Newswire August 30, 2016 still needs own section.
  • Personal Liberty September 7, 2016 is an article about the dangers of fluoride. It's false.
  • Cancer Causes Control. 2006 May;17(4):421-8. doesn't say that fluoride is toxic. Is only cited to add creduability to a lie.
  • Personal Liberty September 7, 2016 same article cited.
  • Environmental Health Perspectives 120(10): 1362-1368. is a study about fluoride overdose. The amount of fluoride added to the water supply is very low. You will need to drink at least 10,000 glasses of fluoridated water at once to overdose.[4]
  • "Weston Price Foundation September 23, 2010 is a conspiracy site.
  • J Environ Biol. 2009 Sep;30(5 Suppl):859-64. Humans are not rats. Selenium is not proven to work for dental fluoride and maybe dangerous.[5] He can't use one low quality study to sell you a supplement. By that logic, fluoride is the most effective treatment against caries ever.

PR Newswire[edit]


External links[edit] on bogus citations

A nice debunking of a study that used shady techniques in order to recieve a signicant result.

An interview with an anti-vaxxer on why he believes the discredited link between autism and vaccines + debunking all his cited evidence.

The Definitive Guide to Debunking the Vaccine-Autism Myth

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