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Hello friends, enemies, and frienemies! I hope I've helped improve this wiki, but other rationwikiites would probably disagree.

Pages Created[edit]

I like to create pages!

  • Dennis Prager-My sworn enemy! Na, he just craza and I was worried he was getting too much of a following online, like Ronnie
  • Yahoo! News- Because someone had to have a worst comment section then Youtube.
  • Sadly, No!- It's "meh" to decent.
  • Michael Medved- Conservatives shouldn't think this guy is smart, so I wrote the page. I probably influenced many people.
  • E. W. Jackson- I don't do yoga but I still felt the need to defend it, because I'm brave.
  • Rocky Anderson- Love him! Keeping my fingers crossed he's not going to come out as a truther.
  • Salem Radio Network= Pretentiousness + Evangelicalism
  • Elbert Guillory- I actually respect him in a weird way. He fooled most of the GOP base so quickly with only the help of dramatic music.
  • I was surprised this wasn't already a page!
  • Malik Zulu Shabazz- What a jackass! I was lazier with this page, sorry.

Thanks to all my fans for reading this. I also like to debunk the increasingly popular "DDT was banned in Africa which killed millions" myth. As you may have noticed I focus most of my attention on wingnuts. This is mainly because it's entertaining and easy to debunk them, a double win for me. Despite this I am just a tradition social democrat (the third way is overhyped to me) and, according to my political score, am not quite as left wing or libertarian as most regular users on Rationalwiki. By American standards I'm a total commie though.