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Malik Zulu Shabazz (1966–) was the chairman of the New Black Panther Party until 2013, and an activist for the cause of black supremacy.


Shabazz has a vehement hatred for Judaism and Jews. He blames Jews for doing the following:

He is a promoter of the International Jewish conspiracy. Shabazz has called on people to commit genocide on Jews, saying, "Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!"[1]

He also hates whites as well, and rants about looking forward to the "white man's demise."[1]

After the conviction of Dwight York, founder of Nuwaubianism, on multiple counts of child molestation and racketeering, Shabazz spoke out in support of York and assisted him with an ultimately rejected appeal that alleged a vast conspiracy.


Shabazz's organization is poorly funded and membership is thought to be incredibly low. Despite his apparent lack of real power, he is repeatedly invited to Fox News as a "talking head" where he makes Sean Hannity look sane.[3] He's been invited on Fox at least ten times.[4] There are multiple possible reasons for this:

  1. In stopped clock mode, Fox is actively working to fight bigotry and racism.
  2. He is effective at scaring their audience into thinking black supremacists are more powerful than they actually are, thus encouraging them to support racist policies against blacks. He also makes the hosts look "brave" for standing up for whites and Jews against a racist.
  3. A segment of Fox's audience is sympathetic to his support for racial segregation and his anti-Semitic/anti-government conspiracy theories, as they hold similar views themselves.

Wingnuts including Andrew Breitbart have falsely claimed that Shabazz has visited the White House and is a friend of Barack Obama. The first claim is easily dismissed, as Shabazz has never visited the White House.[5] The second part is just as easily dismissed: Obama has never even spoken about Shabazz and Shabazz is on record as saying that he hates Obama, calling him a "nigger" and saying that he represents the white man.[6]