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I post interesting things.


I am not very active on RationalWiki these days, I just don't have the time as I'm incredibly busy with way too much stuff to do. I do drop by from time to time to check on things, but I am no longer actively editing RationalWiki for the foreseeable future.

If you need to contact me, please edit my user talk page -- I should (in theory) be notified via email when that changes.

I am partially active in other places online under several other usernames, but as this is for anonymity reasons, I cannot share them. I am very very burnt out on the whole biotech/GE situation (it takes way too much time, and there are WAY too many fucking idiots to deal with), so I mostly avoid that topic these days.

I do not have any conflicts of interest relevant in any way to my work on RationalWiki, financial or otherwise, there's absolutely fucking nothing. But that won't stop you from calling me a paid shill, eh?

Articles I've created on RationalWiki:

  • Seeds of Death (my masterpiece! god damn this was quite a bit of work. may eventually go and expand the article further in the future, but it's more than good enough for now)
  • GMO A Go Go (only a shadow of the above, but still good)
  • Gilles-Eric Séralini (covered quite a bit in there)
  • John Fagan (decent, one of the few collections of info on him)
  • Organic Consumers Association (a decent article, but there are some lingering minor-but-annoying issues I need to eventually fix)

I've also extensively edited a number of other articles, but I'm not going to bother listing those.