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Illogicopedia is a surreal wiki founded in 2007 by three anonymous users (Silent Penguin, Nerd42 and Hindelyite) who felt the quality standards at Uncyclopedia were too restrictive. It started at Editthis.info, since Wikia[1] initially rejected the idea on the premise that it was to similar to Uncyclopedia. After negotiations, Wikia agreed to host Illogicopedia in April of 2007. However, due to many disagreements with the community and Wikia, Illogicopedia moved to an independent server in November 2008 and once again in November, 2013. It currently hosts over 10,000 articles. Much of the content consists of surreal humor, nonsense, and other forms of writing deemed too silly for Uncyclopedia.

The site is currently not dead, but virtually all of the regulars have left the site.

Alternative hypothesis[edit]

Illogicopedia was founded in 1368 by demons with a sworn duty to uphold the Papacy, Freemasonry and the War on Drugs. Most users register under duress for such reasons as the voices in their heads told them to do it, The Virgin Mary told them to do it, Salvador Dali told them to do it, or they lived in a bathysphere for more than a decade. It is said that if you play Alicia Keys songs backwards, you'll hear Fnurdletoot, Phrubub knows the cheese, or Aid epoc igolli.


XY007, Colonel Sanders, Athyria, Estero, Iamawesome, Gruntled, Mars Cadbury, etc.



  1. A wiki host founded by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales