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Longtime reader, occasional editor.

I discovered Rationalwiki in 2009 as an angsty atheist teenager and I've been following the website off and on ever since. Used to edit a bunch in 2010-2012 or so, but I never registered and stopped after a mod got mad at me for accidentally breaking a link. Registered anew in 2017 and have intermittently come by ever since.

As a former edgy atheist, I treasure this website as one of the few places from the days of New Atheism that is 1) still active (RIP FSTDT), and 2) didn't degenerate into an alt-right cesspit (see Atheist YouTube). The GamerGate article here helped recontextualize the movement in real time for me, as someone who was watching it on the sidelines and just thought it was a funny internet event. Coming back here after watching the world go to hell post-2015 feels almost therapeutic at times.


I've always wanted to create an awful mess of these things. Feels like it's still 2007.

Atheist Evolutionist Liberal
This user is a member of the unholy trifecta
Equals-sign-blue.gif This user believes that everyone is equal, regardless of race, religion or gender.
This user likes beer.
Anti communist.png This user is strictly opposed to Stalinism.
racism This user is biased against racists.
Reagan1.jpg This user doesn't resemble Ronald Reagan — not one little bit.
Blue Marble.jpg
This user is concerned about the environment.
Usa flag circle.png
This user is post-Conservapedia.
George w bush.jpeg This user thinks President George W. Bush was not very good.
PvdA Logo small.svg This user believes in a regulated, capitalist economy with a strong welfare state.
This user is a troper.
Dem This user supported Barack Obama for President, and is glad he won.
Agnostic Question Mark.svg This user is an agnostic; they don't know if there's a God.
This user enjoys farcical Communist Propaganda.
This user enjoys farcical Western Propaganda.
This user has been touched by
His Noodly Appendage.
Minesweeper logo.png This user enjoys playing Minesweeper.
Graduation-cap.jpg This user went to public school and was never educated.
This user has specialized experience in American Law.
KidACover.jpg Everyone is so near
This user thinks public radio is GREAT! No commercials!
Statue-Augustus.jpg This user is a lover of History
This user is a Wikipedian

This user is only here for the

Flag of Kurdistan.svg This user supports an independent Kurdish nation-state.

This user will not support the IDF until they start to respect basic human rights.
racism This user is biased against racists.
Smash fascism.gif
This user smashes Nazis and their defenders into small pieces with extreme prejudice.
This user believes
in universal healthcare
hella This user is hella liberal.
FREE TRADE FREE LAND FREE MEN (Georgist campaign button).svg This user is a Georgist.

Darwinb Humanist.gif
This user is a member of the Darwinist-Humanist Cabal devoted to perverting all that is holy
This user is an evil-utionist!
Male silverback Gorilla.JPG
This user is an ape —
and so are you.
This user thinks that all pastry evolved from a common ancestor.
Earthsat.jpeg This user believes in a young Earth

  — 4.5 billion years young.

Nuclear Power Yes Please.png This user supports the nuclear-industrial complex

Chick Tract.JPG
This user regards Jack Chick as one of sequential art's finest practitioners.
Gay Pride Flag.svg
This user is a proud supporter of the Homosexual Agenda