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About me[edit]

I finally (yay!) got banned from Conservapedia for this edit: [1]

One of the pages on here is my response to Batshitcrazy which was burned after I got banned. [2]

I am a student at the University of Cincinnati studying Biology, specializing in Ecology.

I generally just read Conservapedia for shits and giggles and just recently started editing. Before actually editing I used to "defend" Andy Schlafly as someone who is simply so wrapped up in their own beliefs and prejudices that they can't see their hand in front of their face. My opinion has now changed and I think he is batshit insane. Sometimes it is sad how parents can have such an impact on their kids.

The one quote I can agree with Andypoo on.[edit]

I'm sure we all know people of low IQs, and they don't think and act like Forrest Gump. For starters, often they have strong religious faith.[3]


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