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User:Reverend Lucifer

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"Reverend Lucifer" is a rational atheist with a passion for politics and taking apart religious arguments. His name is meant somewhat ironically, taking the title "Reverend" from "someone who is revered for esoteric guidance" and the moniker "Lucifer" from both the Christian mythical character who opposes God and the Roman god of enlightenment. The full intent of his pseudonym is to identify him as a person who strives to "enlighten" the religious and "oppose" religion by providing guidance, rather than what he perceives as typical of the atheist blogoshpere, which amounts to brow-beating the faithful for their alleged idiocy.


"Reverend Lucifer" is currently double-majoring in political science and psychology. His intent is to start a think tank devoted to promoting rationalism and secularism in politics, and also a super-PAC to advocate for fair and non-partisan elections as well as support pro-science (or at least scientifically accurate) legislation and fighting legislation with a religious, pseudoscientific, or woo basis