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About myself[edit]

I am a half British, half Japanese human being. I can seak fluent English and Japanese, and am proud to be a bilingual human.

Open book 01.png "It's all greek to me!"

- Shakespeare

Open book 01.png "If you are going through Hell, keep going."

- Winston Churchill

"This user is a penguin and always looks good in a tux."
This user is a reluctant UK taxpayer
CCCP This user thinks that Communism is just messed up
>< This user enjoys shooting plebians from his window with an AK-47
Anti-Zion This user thinks that ultra-zionism is just about as bad as naziism.
Buddy christ.jpg If you see this person - Kill him using any methods necessary!
Yellow rect.png This user is a member of the National Geographic Society.
Time This user reads Time magazine.

Political Views[edit]

I am a staunch anti-zionist, a staunch anti-marxist, and I am against the demilitarization of Japan. many of my friends in Japan think of me as a bit of a psychoceramic on the grounds that I believe that the article 9 of the Japanese constitution should be used as toilet paper, if anything, and that I support the death penalty for a medium-sized variety of crimes.

However, in spite of this disturbingly conservative-sounding introduction, it turns out i am a left-wing authoritarian on my political compass test (yipee!).

I Support[edit]

  • Universal Healthcare*
  • Abortion
  • Free Speech (to an extent)
  • RW

Countries visited[edit]