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I am a New Age person, and as such I am qualified to write on this topic.

Anyone can edit this.

What is the New Age movement?[edit]

How I would define this movement is as a form of Western esotericism, so to speak, that has its differences, like the concept of chakras being common, and the concepts of Ages, or 2,160-ish year long periods of time governed partly by a sign. It notably rejects sin as a concept, according to Wikipedia, but the New Age movement is generally eclectic a.k.a. not set in stone.

Parapsychology is a major concept in the movement, and as such there are a few concepts unique to the New Age that are related to parapsychology, like the concept of Indigo children, which refers to children considered by New Age people to have a stronger-than-usual connection with the third eye chakra, which is often seen as indigo-colored.

It often appropriates elements from other cultures; most often Asian and Native American mysticism.

Essential Terms[edit]

These terms are very important to the new age movement. This is necessary for understanding most of the concepts of the New Age movement.

All of these terms and more are generic terms for what is called on this wiki "Subtle energy" or "Woo energy". This is a major concept in New Age mythology, and is one of the founding principles of the movement. Sometimes this is described as inexhaustible, but a description of this as "inexhaustible" is in my opinion, incorrect.
Synonym for psi, but this usually refers to emotional energies.
How New Age people describe how healthy something is for the energy system.
Energy System
This is the system of psi that manages the health of your body to a degree.
This is a major part of most of the New Age movement. One of its core beliefs is that the Age of Aquarius occured recently, usually at December 21, 2012. Some rules about Ages are that 1) they go in retrograde, meaning that despite Pisces coming after Aquarius, the Age of Pisces was before the Age of Aquarius, 2) they are a rough implication of the culture of that time, and 3) they last for about 2.16 millennia (2,160 years) using the method used to obtain 12/21/2012. I think it should be obvious that aliens cannot predict our solar system accurately without the usage of psi, and even then it would be difficult.

Dictionary, A-Z style![edit]

Well, here is the dictionary. Just follow the letters like a normal dictionary. Of course, we need a few rules.

  1. It must be in words that people who have not spent any time on RationalWiki whatsoever can understand. This means that "woo energy" should be translated into "psi," "chi," "life energy," or just "energy."
  2. Notability is not outright required, due to how diverse the New Age community is in terms of beliefs (aka some are monotheistic, others are polytheistic, some are atheists, etc.)
  3. Make sure that you use the correct format:

;Title (can be a link) :definition (can contain links)

  1. And above all else, have fun!


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Astral Energy
Energy originating from the astral plane. Can be sculpted with the mind to an easier degree to psi/chi/qi/ki/prana.
Astral Plane
The plane that is based off of one's imagination.
Refers to a modified version of European astrology, which is the one with the zodiac signs and whatnot.


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A concept taken from the Kabbalah that refers to a part of the energy system that resembles a 3-dimensional 8-pointed star made of two tetrahedrons facing into eachother. These two can spin in different directions. This is often thought of as a vessel.


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Western Esotericism
This refers to various groups of religious beliefs found in Europe and the Middle East that are considered "occult" in nature. This includes Western astrology and Western alchemy, among other concepts. This is a common belief in some portions of the New Age movement. Click the title for a proper definition, since this includes a large amount of stuff.