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Here are notes for future articles.

Depression or Mental Illness[edit]

Depression or Mental Illness can make a person vulnerable to falling for conspiracy theories especially if that person is desperately seeking answers, hence the importance of appropriate personal support.

Finca Bayano[edit]

I actually contacted the guy behind this and he would not reply unless I fork out $30 or something (I deleted the email so I cannot really remember unless someone could ask him).

"Government is your enemy" rhetoric[edit]

Covered by Government (Section: Dun-dun-duuun!)

War on Cash[edit]

Largely something confined to the world of conspiracy theorists, especially MoneyWeek. Not helped by the recent demonetisations in India and Venezuela, but note that corruption in those two countries are high according to Transparency International.

The Bank of England has no plans to replace or phase out the £50 note, because the current design (featuring Boulton and Watt) was only issued 6 years ago, on 2 November 2011. The previous version, featuring Sir John Houblon, came into use in 1994 and lasted 20 years.

Although the European Central Bank is merely not issuing new €500 notes from 2018, there will continue to be €100 and €200 notes, both of which are still worth more than £50 or $100 (as of 11 September 2016).

This source shows how hard or even impossible it will be for cash to disappear.

Articles that I started[edit]

Articles on the drawing board[edit]