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The Last Line of Defense (full name: America’s Last Line of Defense, formerly The Resistance: The Last Line of Defense until 21 March 2017[1]) is a hybrid American satirical/fake news website, although your perception may depend on how much you know about the website. According to a combination of sources, America’s Last Line of Defense was founded by Christopher Blair around February 2016.[2][3][4]


The “official” description claims that the Last Line of Defense website was created by “God-fearing Christian conservative patriots” who were “tired of Obama’s tyrannical reign”.[5]

According to Christopher Blair for PunditFact, he designed the Last Line of Defense to “fool conservatives with fake stories most people would find absurd”:[2] the disclaimer on Last Line of Defense itself (as of 30 May 2017), described themselves as a satirical website that self-described liberal supporters created to expose the “extreme bigotry and hate” and “blind gullibility” of right-wing activists, particularly conspiracy theorists.[5] Media Bias/Fact Check classifies the Last Line of Defense as ‘Satire’ because of the disclaimer.[6]

According to the UK-based That’s Nonsense fact checking website, most of the fake/spoof stories on the Last Line of Defense deliberately “attack” liberal beliefs, including the Democrat Party of the United States, in an attempt to trick right-wing readers into believing and sharing them.[3] Fake/spoof authors on the Last Line of Defense include “Stryker” (Striker) and “Busta Troll” (Bust a Troll).[2]

Examples of headlines[edit]

Sampled on 8 June 2017[7]
  • “BREAKING: Trump Fires Jeff Sessions For Connection To Espionage”
  • “Feds Set To Charge Cory Booker With International Crimes Against Humanity”
  • “BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules On Travel Ban”
  • “Trump Just Raided HIS OWN EPA And Proved Hes The Smartest President Of All Time”
  • “Monica Lewinski Death Hoax Was A Very Small Part Of A Globalist Agenda”

Reception and response[edit]

Despite the Last Line of Defense’s satirical intentions, many of their fake/spoof stories appear so realistic that people from all corners of political spectrum have unwittingly fallen for the satirical stories, without considering the actual purpose of the Last Line of Defense.

The fact that the Last Line of Defense fooled more than just “right-wing activists” has been a bit of a nightmare for Snopes, who had to debunk their articles at least 34 times (as of 30 May 2017, and still rising since then)[8][9] — a lot more than the 8 times Snopes debunked YourNewsWire,[10][11] an actual fake news website).

According to That’s Nonsense, the Last Line of Defense is well-known to the the fact-checking media because many of its fake/spoof stories go viral on social media.[3]

In response to the concerns, the Last Line of Defense appears to have slowly introduced further measures to clarify their true purpose, including adding an ESRB-like “Satire” icon at the footer.[7]


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