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You can't hide like that ThunderKatz. --FrancisG 15:52, 18 April 2008 (EDT)

Well, Doggedpersistence did post it originally, but it was unsigned and on your user page instead of your talk page. And please, the "k" is lowercase, or people start associating me with TK. But, welcome anyway (from me, not DogP). ThunderkatzHo! 15:56, 18 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Francis, long time no hear! SusanG  ContribsTalk#

Hi back "Susan" --FrancisG 15:55, 18 April 2008 (EDT)
Sorry 'bout that Thunderkatz I didnt mean to offend. Thanks for the welcome from whoever. Now tell me why I got the boot from Conservapedia! I'd done them nothing but good cp:Special:Contributions/FrancisG--FrancisG 16:01, 18 April 2008 (EDT)

The Labours of Hercules[edit]

"So I've started going through their uploaded images & informing copyright owners in those cases where they have litle or no justification for publishing on their `Educational` website".
Best of luck. Jollyfish.gifGenghisOur ignorance is God; what we know is science. 06:39, 19 April 2008 (EDT)
It'll only take a couple or so to really put the wind up that lawyer (I use the term loosely) if he (as proud proprietor of the site) gets personally targeted. FrancisG 06:42, 19 April 2008 (EDT)
I can see that he's a lot more wary now. When he starts being afraid of his own shadow we'll have won! Jollyfish.gifGenghisOur ignorance is God; what we know is science. 18:13, 19 April 2008 (EDT)
There's some websites (no names - no packdrill!) that've been copied en masse- I don't think they can do that! "Fair Use"!!!! FrancisG 18:27, 19 April 2008 (EDT)
GRRRRRRRR! Jollyfish.gifGenghisOur ignorance is God; what we know is science. 18:35, 19 April 2008 (EDT)
Hey Frankie,baby! Check out NadaBehziz's contrib on Nastyfly's talk page. KTDiputsho 17:58, 22 April 2008 (EDT)
Yup! Seen it. Is it you? FrancisG 18:02, 22 April 2008 (EDT)
I'd e-mailed someone about it already! FrancisG 18:04, 22 April 2008 (EDT)
Sorry, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who cares about this stuff. KTDiputsho 18:17, 22 April 2008 (EDT)