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I gotta say....[edit]

The quality of your work on the wiki these past few days (minus linking to WP articles...) has been outstanding. Thanks. Theory of Practice Years of being an atheist: 30. Instances of persecution on that account: 0. 23:59, 18 July 2012 (UTC)

a request[edit]

try and avoid words and sentences that make it look like you are writing a lecture for class/report (A chemical computer is the last thing we'll look at here), Danke. --Mikal Harass Follow 18:41, 8 October 2012 (UTC)


You keep making these articles, but they're off-mission. We aren't a general encyclopedia. Have a look here for a better idea. I don't want you to have to deal with the frustration when an article you've worked hard on gets deleted for not being relevant to the wiki--"Shut up, Brx." 04:31, 5 November 2012 (UTC)

I've moved your article to your user space. There's been a little talk about including it in an article about the Precambrian--"Shut up, Brx." 19:23, 5 November 2012 (UTC)

Thanks. I'm not frustrated, just a little confused. I just figured that because the cyanobacteria were a vital part of the history of evolution], it would make sense to have an article on them. Also, could you please link me to where the pre-Cambrian discussion's occurring? The Heidelberg Kid (talk) 22:03, 5 November 2012 (UTC)

They are a vital part of the history of evolution. If you could find some creationist making ridiculous claims about them to bolster a creationist argument, then use our article to take those claim apart, that would be relevant. Theory of Practice Still tryin' to figure it all out. 22:07, 5 November 2012 (UTC)
[1] Just one of many, I'm sure. Peter Subsisting on honey 00:40, 6 November 2012 (UTC)
Also don't forget the "irreducibly complex" mechanism of photosynthesis the blue-green algae use. The Heidelberg Kid (talk) 02:22, 6 November 2012 (UTC)

cp stuff[edit]

I'd love to get rid of most of the CP stuff. but it's bread and butter around here. At least it's been pushed from mainspace for the most part. --Green mowse.pngGodot She was a venus demilo in her sister's jeans 04:17, 10 December 2012 (UTC)


Since you like this sorta thing; from my SSA groups facebook page about somebody who got a chain letter with this thing in it. Go nuts. --Mikal Harass Follow 04:28, 6 November 2012 (UTC)

RationalWiki has an article refuting unreasonable stuff about laminin. Proxima Centauri (talk) 10:58, 11 December 2012 (UTC)

Mod nomnomnom[edit]

Nominated. Good luck, Kid. Theory of Practice "Now we stand outcast and starving 'mid the wonders we have made." 04:43, 15 December 2012 (UTC)

Thank you. I am honoured. (Reason I didn't reply sooner is because it was fifteen minutes to midnight where I was, and went to bed just before you sent the message.) Planaria Icon.png Flatworms are fun! Talk to me 13:24, 15 December 2012 (UTC)


I have some class notes from a course on Dinosaur evolution on a flash drive somewhere, if I can find them would you like them? Humorless fascistsociopath 17:32, 19 December 2012 (UTC)

If it would be of no inconvenience to you, I'd love to see them :-) Planaria Icon.png Flatworms are fun! Talk to me 17:44, 19 December 2012 (UTC)
I think I sent one. The resolution is pretty awful. Humorless fascistsociopath 22:22, 21 December 2012 (UTC)
I got it, thanks, it's legible :-) Planaria Icon.png Flatworms are fun! Talk to me 22:57, 21 December 2012 (UTC)

Goat cult[edit]

I had a vision, and it showed robed figures with arms upraised to a goat. Sprocket J Cogswell (talk) 02:46, 28 December 2012 (UTC)

Brilliant. Planaria Icon.png Immortality's fun, except when you become a two-headed monster Talk to me 03:02, 28 December 2012 (UTC)