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Does this need to be an issue? We have Category:Transphobia for general transphobes, the TERF category should be reserved for trans exclusionary radical feminists specifically. Christopher (talk) 19:33, 30 April 2021 (UTC)

Yes. There's Category:Homophobes for homophobes and Category:Racists for racists. There ought to be category for biographical articles on transphobes to allow users interested in contributing to that particular topic area to more easily find and track relevant articles. "Category:Transphobia" is insufficient because it's basically a catch-all junk drawer with over 200 articles in it. Not convenient for finding specific articles at all. "Category:TERFs" is evidently also insufficient because there's figures like Graham Linehan who very publicly espouse transphobic ideas with a veneer of "protecting women" but aren't or probably aren't actually radical feminists (as an aside, Rowling seems to actually have become a radical feminist, based on the fact she has quoted Dworkin). "Category:TERFs and transphobes" would be a simple solution. Creates an all-purpose container cat for biographical articles on anti-trans activists while pre-emptively defusing potential semantic arguments. Splainer (talk) 19:52, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
Or Category:Transphobes with Category:TERFs as a sub-category, similar to how Category:Racists has a number of narrower sub-categories. Would be easier to implement, but could also open the possibility of quibbling over who belongs where. Splainer (talk) 20:08, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
That’s a much better solution, the transphobia category is getting too big. I’ll set it up at some point today or tomorrow unless someone else gets around to it (it would involve making the same edit a hundred or so times which would render recent changes useless if a non-ninja did it). Christopher (talk) 20:15, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
I'll do it, or at least get it started. For the time being, I'll only add the new category (Transphobes) to people I feel could be described as anti-trans activists, in order to avoid swamping recent changes. Splainer (talk) 20:23, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
“Just” doing that would still swamp recent changes. I’ll make you a ninja if you insist on doing it, but remember that any even slightly controversial edit shouldn’t be made whilst you’re a bot. You’ve only been a sysop for a day so this is a bit unusual, please don’t make me regret it. Christopher (talk) 20:30, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
Also you might find this useful, I set it up planning on doing it myself. If you click edit it should be obvious what it’s showing. Christopher (talk) 20:33, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
Hmm, if it's preferrable to use bots to make these kinds of changes, probably best for me not muck around at the moment, since I don't have experience with them and my budding migraine isn't putting me in the right frame to learn. Thanks for the advice and vote of confidence though. Might go over the helpful list you compiled. Some stuff like "transmisogyny", while appropriate for Category:Transphobia, wouldn't fit under Category:Transphobes. Splainer (talk) 20:44, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
Also think it would be worth having something along the lines of "Category:Anti-trans organizations" for single-issue anti-trans lobbyist groups like LGB Alliance and Our Duty. They'll get lost in the crowd once Category:Transphobes has been filled, and not all of them fit, ideologically speaking, under the TERFs category. Splainer (talk) 21:07, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
How many articles would that category apply to? We don’t have similar categories for any other form of bigotry, I think that’s a bit too specific. Just stick them in transphobes. Christopher (talk) 21:10, 30 April 2021 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── More than one article that we already have or should have. I haven't had a chance to go over your list yet. There's LGB Alliance, Our Duty, (arguably a TERF group), Detransition Network -- and that's just skimming UK groups from the top of my head. It would be helpful, from the perspective of someone interested in documenting transphobia, to separate the organizations which focus exclusively or primarily on advocating transphobic ideas and policies from the general pool of transphobic bigotry (which, in America at least, probably encompasses nearly every Republican politician and Republican-aligned lobby group). "We don't have similar categories" isn't really a strong argument. There's Category:Atheist groups, which is specific, and Category:Apostate organisations, which is weirdly over-specific. Both of those are nearly ten years old and seem to be from when the wiki was mainly focused on atheism/skeptic topics. But there's no reason there shouldn't be specific sub-categories for anti-gay organizations, white supremacist groups, anti-abortion advocacy groups, etc. It isn't especially helpful to just throw everything in a junk drawer like "Category:Organisations" and leave it to readers to sort out which articles are relevant to what they're seeking. It seems like the non-existence of narrower categories is more a result of no one having gotten around to creating them than a consensus they are unnecessary (otherwise the "Apostate organisations" category with two articles in it would've been nuked long ago). But right now I'm only only focused on refining categorization in the transphobia topic area. Splainer (talk) 21:52, 30 April 2021 (UTC)

Note that if different types of topic variation are each narrowed down using separate categorizations, you can create automatic listings for combinations of them. If you have a phobia/ism category and a category for organizations, you can make a list of all articles in both, for example, much like Christopher made a list with different category criteria. Such lists are easy to make for temporary editing purposes, but not really used for browsing by most people. --ApooftGnegiol (talk) 22:08, 30 April 2021 (UTC)
Broke down the above list of articles in Category:Transphobia so we can decide what ought to be migrated to Category:Transphobes. Splainer (talk) 00:34, 1 May 2021 (UTC)

Chicken Coop[edit]

It's time for you to launch a Chicken Coop against some editors that you find intolerable.

Enough is enough. Donley50 (talk) 23:03, 4 May 2021 (UTC)

I appreciate your support, but I'm cutting my losses. I wanted to create articles in the topic areas that are of importance to me and where I feel I could contribute. I don't want to have to fight through a slew of trolls throwing insults and baseless accusations at me, and otherwise productive contributors mistrusting me and accusing me of being an SJW, before I can even get to the work. The work itself requires an investment of both time and energy, but at least there's something to show for it at the end. The last few days have been a futile waste of time and energy. Splainer (talk) 23:21, 4 May 2021 (UTC)
Not sure if you are aware, but the above is a long-running, long-banned Conservapedia troll who has a habit of repeatedly spewing nonsense and obsessing on Rationalwiki, that's why Christopher tried to revert. PanGalacticGargleBlaster (talk) 23:28, 4 May 2021 (UTC)