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Vassula Ryden is a former professional tennis player and model who claims to receive personal messages from Jesus.


Ryden is author of a series of Christian books entitled True Life in God which she alleges contain direct messages from angels, saints, and Jesus Christ himself. Ryden says that Jesus dictates the messages to her and guides her hand to write them down using really fancy calligraphy. Some early drafts of the messages contain mistakes. She attributes her subsequent corrections to Jesus changing his mind, or asking her to copyedit his messages.[1][2]

Ryden is revered by her followers as 'God's messenger'. Many of them believe she predicted the 9/11 attacks because one of her messages contained the rather vague phrase, "every evil built into towers will collapse".[3] The Roman Catholic church issued a number of official statements that warned faithful Catholics that Ryden was not "officially" receiving messages from God.[4] Ryden's organization claims the Church warnings are outdated, exaggerated, or not legitimate -- and that the Vatican privately assured her they believe she's really, truly in touch with Jesus, but can't say so in public.[5] Ryden does not take criticism well. She's personally initiated legal action to shut down web sites questioning her ability to talk to God.[6]


Some of Ryden's conversations with Jesus concern her household chores...

Jesus, I think we will have to rush!
Where to?
Downstairs, check the oven.
(May 16, 1987).

Others are a bit more steamy...

Do you know how much I love you?
Yes I do Jesus.
Why then do you refuse My kiss? [...] Vassula, have I not told you before not to refuse Me anything? And what have you answered me?
That I’ll never refuse you anything.
Yes, why then refuse My kiss; Vassula, never refuse Me; if I ask you something it is out of love, allow Me to kiss you, allow Me to do it! Will you let Me now? Come to Me and feel My kiss, a heavenly kiss on your forehead, are you ready?
(March 19, 1987)

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